Page 3 girls share body confidence tips they use before sexy shoots

The Daily Star's new generation of Page 3 girls had us sitting on the edge of our seats during Tuesday's live Facebook Q&A.

Daisy and Jess discussed all sorts in the Hot Topics panel – from dads bods to being "ghosted" on dating apps.

But one topic that proved popular among our lovely ladies was dealing with body confidence issues.

With a career in modelling, the two will have spent a lot of time in front of the cameras.

So how do they deal with it?

Well first up, Daisy and Jess – just like everyone else – do often feel low about their appearance.

Jess explained how it's to do with the pressure of meeting someone in person which differs from photos and videos.


But she did tell Daily Star readers that there are some things she does in order to feel better about herself.

Whenever she's feeling low, she starts by focusing on the things she can control, like her mindset.

Next it's all about distractions, so the Page 3 girl does her nails or eyebrows to pamper herself when she's down.

In the heated live discussion, Jess also mentioned how important it is to focus on the things you can control.

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Daisy agreed and said she does similar things like doing a face mask or washing her hair.

She also enjoys a spot of yoga to help her get over those days where she's not feeling 100%.

So next time you're feeling low, just remember confidence is a never-changing thing and that's okay!

Find what works for you and see how you can get over those insecurities.

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