Pals laugh and joke in pub just hours before one is knifed to death walking home

The family of a young man stabbed to death have shared photos taken hours before he was killed as they continue to fight for justice.

Adam Ellison is pictured smiling and goofing around with his friends at the Old Mill Pub in Prescot, Merseyside, in the images.

A few short hours later he was stabbed to death as he headed home, the Liverpool Echo reported .

The 29-year-old had got caught up in an argument with people on the back of a scrambler bike while walking the streets with his three friends.

Adam was rushed to hospital but died a short time later.

Two years on from the November 4 tragedy, the killers have still not been brought to justice.

Two 17-year-old males and a 22-year-old man, all from Huyton, Merseyside, were arrested last month, and have since been released under investigation.

Adam's mum Joyce Ellison, 68, along with two sisters Nicola Moore, 48, and Joanne Evans, 44, spoke about losing Adam.

Joyce said: "He was part of our family for nearly 30 years and now we have got the rest of our lives without him. It's destroyed us.

"We are a very close family and it has affected everyone.

"You get your good days and your bad days, sometimes it's like a rollercoaster. You start laughing over something and then you feel as though you shouldn't be laughing because he's not here with us and I'm finding something funny.

"I wouldn't wish it on anybody."

Adam's older sister Nicola said that younger members of the family have been deeply affected by his death.

"It's two years but it doesn't seem that long at all. It seems like weeks," she said.

"The impact has been horrendous. It's had a ripple effect on the family and the children in the family and we still have trauma and therapy because of that night and what we saw.

"We miss him so much, he was a massive part of our family and he was loved by everybody. We miss him everyday."

Nicola went on to reminisce about her brother, who was "always making people laugh" and was "the life and soul of the party."

She added: "He had such an infectious laugh and cheeky dimples, I miss that."

Joanne explained why the family were releasing the new photos of Adam.

"I want the photos to show people how Adam was just being himself that night, when he went out with his friends and his family," she said.

"I want someone to look into his eyes and realise how beautiful a person he was and to think I can't stand knowing something any more and not coming forward."

Joyce urged anyone with any information about the killers to come forward.

She added: "You've got your whole life ahead of you but Adam hasn't.

"I'm angry. I've gone through different stages but angry that these people are still walking around.

"What would their mum think if it was her son that was murdered? She'd want someone to speak to the police then.

"The family are not doing him any favours and he's got to face up to what he's done, we want justice."

Joanne added: "Come forward because look at my mum. How can they sleep of a night knowing a little bit of information? They might be scared but there's no reason to be scared."

Detective Chief Inspector John Middleton, of Merseyside Police, described the attack and the impact it has had on the family.

“This was a senseless assault which brutally cut short the life of an innocent young man who had everything to look forward to," he said.

"His family have been left devastated by their loss and they still have no answers to why this horrific incident took place.

“But I want those responsible to be under no illusion. We have not given up. They will always be looking over their shoulder because we will not stop until we catch them and bring them to justice.

"I am certainly convinced that people who were in the Old Mill Pub that night will know who was riding that group of motorcycles that circulated around the pub and that were looking inside the pub.

"They may be frightened of coming forward and telling us but I would appeal to them to listen to what Adam's family have said and how devastated they are and how much they want justice and how much we want justice.

"And to find it within themselves to come forward."

Anyone with information can send a private message to @MerPolCC on Twitter , call 101 or leave information anonymously with Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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