Parents share hilarious snaps of their creative Father’s Day feasts

‘It’s the thought that counts!’ Parents post snaps of the hilarious (but cute) ways their children tried and failed to serve them a Father’s Day feast

  • Parents share funny snaps of youngsters and grown-up kids failing at food
  • One man’s children served him a very unappetising breakfast of Lego on toast
  • A nine-year-old girl made her father ‘brown Es’ instead of a plate of brownies 

Father’s Day only comes around once a year so many children, no matter how old they are, try to make their dad or step-dad feel special by serving them up a feast to remember.

However these hilarious but adorable snaps show how sometimes not everything can go to plan when trying to cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Parents have shared the funny photographs of their youngsters and even grown-up children trying and failing to make them a commemorative meal.

From Lego on toast to one cheeky daughter’s hilarious prank where she served her father a plate of ‘Brown Es’ rather than brownies, these pictures will make all parents sign and exclaim: ‘Well, it’s the thought that counts!’

Lego and a plastic shark on toast, anyone? This father may have to make his own breakfast after being served this interesting dish – alongside a cup of tea with two teabags and a rainbow straw

This little boy just couldn’t resist tucking into a biscuit he’d bought especially for his dad on Father’s Day. As his mother Anita Edwards put it, ‘It’s the thought that counts!’

This man’s nine-year-old daughter pranked her dad by making him some ‘brownies’ for Father’s Day – and presented him with a plate of ‘brown Es’

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Super Dad, or Super Dud? Joseph Francia was amused when he received this gingerbread man from his children, writing on his Instagram caption: ‘It’s the thought that counts!’

One man’s son tried to make his dad a tray of brownies for Father’s Day but used baking soda instead of flour… there’s always next year!

Mother Micaela tried to make a pie for her ‘two dads and my great husband’ for Father’s Day – but they may have had to go to the supermarket and buy a dessert after this epic fail

Briton Rae was making her father a lemon torte for Father’s Day – but when putting in the freezer, the Springform gave away and she ended up with a big mess to clean up instead

Giselle said she ‘tried to be cute and make a Father’s Day breakfast’ – but ended up cremating these sausages

They may be trying to tell you something! Reddit user odawgdrums received these very rude – not to mention burnt – pancakes from his children on Father’s Day

Instagram user lilrussiangirl was very upset after she tried to make a strawberry cheesecake cake for her dad on Father’s Day – but the kitchen was too hot and it melted into a big messy heap

Mother and wife Jennifer Schuh wanted to treat her husband on Father’s Day but ended up burning the bacon to a crisp (left). Meanwhile grown-up Megan Murphy wanted to make her dad pancakes but ended up burning them so badly they were black all over (right)

It’s not just food children were messing up on Father’s Day. This youngster accidentally addressed the card to ‘mommy’ – before realising and crossing it out


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