Park rangers ask ‘selfie police’ to protect tourists from themselves

“Selfie police” are being called in to help stop tourists risking their lives for the perfect Instagram snap at one of Sydney, Australia’s most popular tourist spots.

Overwhelmed park rangers have asked the police to assist with “site compliance” at Wedding Cake Rock, in southern New South Wales, which has been swamped with people wanting to take images for social media, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports. Wedding Cake Rock is on Australia’s east coast about 20 miles south of downtown Sydney.

The site in question has been protected by a five-foot fence since 2016 to prevent tourists from standing on the rock which, according to a 2015 report, could collapse at any time “without warning” into the sea 165 feet below.

There are also fines of up to $2,450 for anyone caught climbing the fence. Rangers have issued 13 fines to date to people who have climbed the fence and “well over 100” warnings to people who have ignored the signs.

Yet thousands of photos have been uploaded to Instagram under the Wedding Cake Rock hashtag, suggesting that many more are climbing the fence without getting caught.

A Parks and Wildlife spokesman said this was one of the reasons why the police have been called in to help, adding that it was “extremely difficult” to try and regulate this behavior, despite most being aware of the dangers involved.

A French tourist fell to his death at the site four years ago when part of the cliff crumbled beneath him. Then, the following year, two men had to be winched to safety after falling from the ledge.

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