Pensioner, 71, wows TikTok with youthful looks that ‘make her 40 years younger’

Age is just a number when it comes to living your best life and no one proves that more than Keiko Guest.

The 71-year-old has taken TikTok by storm thanks to her incredible flexibility and youthful look – with some unable to comprehend she is a pensioner.

In an interview with Daily Star, Keiko revealed her anti-aging secrets and exercise is key to keep her look younger.

"I scrub my face and natural oils as my skincare routine and I do advanced step class twice weekly and use my at home pull-up bar," she told the site.

"But I must admit that I did have facelift at 50 and also take advantage of modern options as Botox and fillers every few years. My flexibility comes from pursuing passions that required flexibility."

In one video posted earlier this week, she attempted the "walk challenge" video – transforming from an ordinary-looking elderly woman to a youthful influencer who's ready for clubbing.

The American sensation bares no makeup and loungewear at the beginning of the clip, instead showing her grey roots and dark circles.

And in a transition filter, she dresses up in a figure-hugging black bodycon dress and straightens her hair up in a sleek ponytail.

Paired with a killer heels and cool shades, she strikes a pose, turns around and struts down her hallway.

Her youthful appearance is even more jaw-dropping when she appears in a video with a friend, who is just 36 years old.

The clip shows the pair dancing in unison, with viewers unable to work out who was younger. "Wow, y'all look the same age," one said.

"So you were 50 when she was 16, but you look pretty much the same age and have comparable fitness levels," another said while a third asked: "Do you have children? I hope I look that good at 71 – I have had four babies and am a former professional dancer."

Keiko gave a simple tip to her, saying: "No kids but if you are doing good now…just keep it up.

"I drank and smoked when I was young. But I follow a diet similar to vegan recipe and I pursue my passions which are strenuous."

The pensioner also often wows fans with her impeccable wardrobe creations.

Another clip shows Keiko channeling her inner supermodel as she does a catwalk in denim shorts and a one-shouldered top.

The TikTok star exudes in confidence while flashing her model-like figure and slim long legs.

But it is not just youthful looks that Keiko possesses – she is also incredibly fit thanks to being a passionate dancer.

One of her regular exercises is an aerial pull-up just outside her room, which she called her "go-to party tricks at 71".

She lifts herself up the bar and holds herself upside down in the air before bending her legs.

The 71-year-old was nicknamed a "real-life cat woman" thanks to her incredible flexibility.

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