People are sharing the best coincidences they’ve experienced – and the responses are incredible

Whether you believe in fate or not, you’ll have to agree that these people’s stories about the most amazing coincidences they’ve experienced are pretty incredible.      

Whether or not you believe in fate, there are some moments in life when you can’t help but wonder whether there are greater forces at play. Sometimes there are those coincidences which just seem completely miraculous no matter how you look at them – and it was those kinds of stories that have surfaced in a now viral Reddit thread.

Posing the question “What’s the most amazing coincidence that has ever happened to you?” the thread prompted users to share their most incredible stories – and the responses did not disappoint. 

Whether it’s bumping into a so-called stranger half-way across the world only to discover they’re close with your family,or being reunited with a long-lost friend in the most random situation possible, these stories are likely to blow your mind. 

The thread, which now boasts over 2,300 comments, is a seriously life-affirming read. But if you don’t have the time to sift through all the responses, here are 10 of the best to enjoy.

1. A moment which can only be described as the literal definition of “it’s a small world”

“I was at a bar in Dallas on St. Patrick’s Day and I asked a guy about 30 years older than me if I could borrow a lighter,” begins this story from Reddit user OThatSean. “He said something back in a Dublin accent. I asked if he was from Dublin. He said yes. I jokingly said I wonder if you know my dad he is from Dublin. The guy of course says no way it is a huge city.” 

The story continues: “My grandfather owned a building with his name on it real big so I asked if he knew of the street it was on. Then I asked him if he knew my Grandfather’s building. Turns out he used to work for my grandfather, lived with my uncle and was in fact friends with my dad. Small world.”

2. When two friends read each other’s minds

“I picked up the house phone to call a friend and he was already on the line,” shares user FinnBoland. “He had called me and I had picked up the receive just before it had a chance to ring. Blew my fucking mind.”

3. Like mother, like daughter

“I was out drinking the other night and my friend was dropping me home. When I got in his car I text my mum we were on the way because she worries. As soon as I press send, I get a text from her asking how I am going and when I’ll be home,” explains one Reddit user. “It confused me, because I had just told her. It was literally at the same time. When I got home, I checked her phone. Her phone told her she messaged me first, and mine said I messaged her first. A mother’s intuition!”

4. When a potential housemate shares more than just a nationality

“Went for coffee with a potential new housemate with two other confirmed housemates,” begins this story from Reddit user daisychaingirl93. “We get chatting to the potential new housemate, and find out she’s from Spain. One of my confirmed housemates is from Spain, and asked where she was from. Long story short, they’re from the same town, went to the same school, and lived streets away from each other.” 

It continues: “Further conversation reveals that they were actually part of the same group of friends when they were really young kids, and their parents used to hang out together. And they both coincidentally left Spain at the same time, to go to the same (not very well known or big) university, and nearly ended up living together!”

5. This “right place, right time” story is seriously mind-blowing

“When I was in college in Texas (back in the early 90’s) I took a summer trip to England,” writes tadhg555. “My flight left on the last day of classes. I had an English paper due that day, and the prof insisted that it was due in his box by noon. Of course I procrastinated, and didn’t turn it in until 1:00 (and mine was the only paper in there). I was sure I had screwed up, but I had to go catch my flight.”

They continue: “I got to London and the next day I was on the Tube, telling my friend that I was sure I had failed the class because the prof never got my paper. ‘It’s going to be hanging over my head the entire trip,’ I said. ‘There’s no way I’ll know if he got my paper.’ We arrived at our stop, the doors opened and there was my prof, waiting for the train. ‘Professor X! Did you get my paper?’

’Uh… yes, yes I did.’

’Great, thanks,’ I said, and went on to enjoy my holiday.”

6. A small but nevertheless amazing coincidence

“Going to a bar in a different Country. Bartender wanted to see my identification so I showed him my State ID,” shared another Reddit user. “I have somewhat of a rare name. Turns out that was exactly his name as well. He called his father who came down to meet me as well. We had a good conversation over some beers.”

7. This one’s straight out of a book – literally

“A couple of summers ago, I was in my kayak in a shallow inlet of my favourite lake in the Finger Lakes region of New York. I’d stopped to eat my sandwich and read the book I’d brought with me. One sentence read, ‘just then, a great blue heron flew overhead’. I looked up and just then, a great blue heron flew overhead,” shared Reddit user ubbles. 

8. This one’s truly life-affirming

“I am an attorney,” begins one response. “I met with a client pursuing disability benefits. Very sick and very sympathetic. She had an open-and-shut case, to the point I even suggested that she file on her own so she could avoid paying me anything.”

The user then shared the lady’s incredible response: “’You don’t know my maiden name, it’s (“Ms. Smith”), you represented my brother two years ago. You arranged for members of the community to rebuild his house. If I end up paying $10,000 it would not be enough to cover what you have done for my family.’

“I was literally thinking about quitting what I do, just the day before.”

9. Mind. Blown. 

“I met a guy at my staff Christmas party with the same name, birth-date, and was in the same career,” begins one story. “We met through our girlfriends at the time, both named Jennifer. We shared many of the same physical features. Same coloured hair and build.”

10. When history class becomes a family affair

“[The most amazing coincidence was] finding the great women of medieval Europe, who I’ve studied since I was a kid (history geek), on my family tree a few years ago,” shares Reddit user Elehhhhna.

“I’ve been studying my own ancestors and didn’t even know it.”

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