People poke fun at start of 2021 claiming it's a WORSE version of 2020

‘I’d like to cancel my subscription to 2021’: People share hilarious memes poking fun at the dismal start of this year – claiming it’s a WORSE version of 2020

  • People have shared hilarious memes about the start of 2021 on Bored Panda 
  • Most started the year hopeful but realised 2021 is just a continuation of 2020 
  • Both 2020 and 2021 compared to twins, Tsunamis, and horror movie villains
  • Some people even said they were already looking forward to life in 2022

People have shared hilarious memes about the dismal start to 2021, less than a fortnight after celebrating the New Year. 

Many had high hopes for this year after 2020, which was dominated by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

However, soaring Covid-19 rates across the world and the US Capitol riots sparked by pro-Trump supporters this week have seen many bemoan the fact 2021 feels like an extension of last year. 

Exhausted social media users shared memes on Bored Panda admitting they are already looking forward to 2022.

People have shared hilarious memes bemoaning the start of 2021. One person from Tennessee compared 2020 and 2021 to the twins from The Shining movie by Stanley Kubrick 

A sci-fi meme shared on Instagram poked fun at what aliens would say if they could see what was happening on Earth in 2021 

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One Disney fan said 2020 and 2021 were just like the twins Ally and Annie from Disney’s The Parent Trap

One person compared 2020 to a big wave and 2021 to an even bigger wave about to fall onto a surfer

A man from Los Angeles managed to find an artistic way to show how tired they were after only six days of 2021

One person compared the first week of 2021 to a free trial for a product they had no intention of using any longer 

One person from Australia said they are already looking forward to next year, just a week into 2021

One jokester compared 2020 and 2021 to the villain from the Joker movie starring Joachim Phoenix and the recent adaptation of Stephen King’s It

A Twitter user from the US said 2021 appears to be trying to emulate the spirit of 2020 by asking what that year would do

A dog lover from Chicago humorously called a fluffy Pomeranian what they had hoped 2021 would be like and likened a wet, sad-looking Pomeranian to what 2021 is turning out to be 

One fan of the US show Friends quoted a moment from the series that they felt sums up the beginning of 2021

US-based trivia website Looper compared 2020 and 2021 to the two ends of Darth Maul’s light saber in the Phantom Menace Star Wars movie from 1999

A man from Portland, Oregon joked about how people hoped 2021 would be different from 2020

An account spoofing Dick Van Dyke joked 2021 was trying to outdo the chaos we witnessed during 2020

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