People reveal why they can’t get past the FIRST date

What NOT to say on a first date: Singles reveal the VERY candid revelations that sent potential partners running for the hills

  • Single people have been telling all about saying the wrong thing on a date 
  • Revealed on Whisper how sharing too much scared people off 
  • Suggests honesty isn’t always the best policy – at least in the dating world 

In the age of Tinder, most active singles likely have their first date chat down to a fine art.

But even the most practised charmer can occasionally say the wrong thing – sending the person they’re trying to impress running for the hills.

Singletons around the world have been recalling the occasions they were far too honest on a date on the anonymous sharing app Whisper – with dire consequences for their love life.

Among those to spill all on the Whisper thread were a woman who discusses her infertility on dates, and another who said telling potential partners how her ex died in Afghanistan puts men off, because feel they can’t ‘compete’.

Another girl said she struggled to know when to broach the subject of still being a virgin, and a single dad who said women ‘avoid him like the plague’ once they learn he has a child. 

People from around the world revealed the challenges of finding love in a series of anonymous confessions. One woman believed potential partners were intimidated by her former flame’s background in Afghanistan

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A woman who struggled to have children blamed her honesty as the deciding factor that frightened men away

Another woman struggled to find a partner who wasn’t discouraged by her virginity or trying to take advantage

A singleton with a criminal record revealed their history sent away potential partners regardless of how their date goes

A married man struggled to find women who would agree to being in a polygamous relationship. He declared men are more open to the arrangement than women

A mother who cared for her autistic son confessed she had been put off dating anyone after previous bad experiences

An individual who drank heavily on their date blamed their own behaviour for frightening off their potential partner 

One person ran for the hills after discovering their date had a wedding dress hanging in their wardrobe in belief they must be desperate for a husband 

A woman who was hoping to wait until marriage for intimacy revealed men are often too impatient to stick around 

One person turned up to their date on drugs only for the person to be scared away 

A divorced father claimed women are uninterested after finding out that he has children

One woman continued to refer to her dates as ‘daddy’ although it has continuously frightened other potential partners away

A woman who wasn’t short of admirers revealed her main struggle was finding a man with the same interests

Men chose not to pursue a relationship with a woman who had intentions to join the marines

A woman who enjoyed experimenting in her sex life claimed men were often intimidated by her desires

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