People share tense text message exchanges they’ve had with their exes

People share some of the tense text message exchanges they’ve had with their exes 

‘Not today, Satan!’ People share the hilariously brutal responses they’ve received after texting an ex

  • Ebaumsworld has shared hilarious texts between exes from around the world 
  • Some people ended up sending desperate messages when they were drunk  
  • One woman sent rude comment to her ex about size of his manhood  
  • And several messages were just ignored completely by their former partners

Break ups are never a fun experience and many people choose to keep contact with their exes to a minimum. 

Unfortunately, sometimes alcohol, nostalgia or simply a slip of the thumb means you end up sending a message to a former lover – with embarrassing results. has shared a selection of toe curling exchanges from people around the world that are guaranteed to leave you cringing. 

One sent an offensive sweary message to their former love, followed by the desperate plea, ‘come over’. 

Another admitted to making a spelling mistake in their message and was told: ‘dating you was a mistake’. 

From the harsh to the hilarious, these messages prove why avoiding contact with a former partner is usually for the best. 

Parting is such sweet sorrow! This person had a surprise when they tried to get back in touch with their former partner and ended up being compared to the devil

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Let’s not be friends? This man got a short shrift when he attempted to make contact with his former girlfriend, who made a rude comment about the size of his manhood in return 

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Sometimes relationships can be incredibly hard to let go of and this person clearly regretted messaging their ex after a drunken night

This confusing exchange shows a woman knocking back her ex after he tried to reconnect with her even though he was already in a relationship

This tense exchange made it abundantly clear that this person has no interest whatsoever in getting back together with their ex

This text shows how a person avoided the temptation of responding to their ex, with the name of the contact serving as inspiration

This woman had to explain to a very forward friend exactly what she meant when she said she wanted to keep it platonic with the help of a dictionary definition 

This person seems very upset and confused after a break-up but their partner doesn’t seem at all fazed


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