Pet owners' panic-inducing scenes that had them doing a double take

Looking ruff! Pet owners reveal the panic-inducing moments that made them do a double take – including a dog covered in ‘blood’ after devouring a lipstick

  • Pet owners around the world have shared their panic-inducing moments
  • Collated by Bored Panda, they revealed scenes where they had to look twice
  • Includes a dog who devoured a lipstick which made it look covered in blood

At first glance these scenes appeared baffling, bizarre or horrifying for pet owners – but after taking a second look, it soon became clear that it wasn’t as it seemed. 

Social media users from around the world shared the amusing photographs capturing the times their beloved animals unintentionally sent them into panic mode.

Collated by Bored Panda, the snaps included one dog who devoured a red lipstick which made it appear covered in blood to its shocked owner.

Here, FEMAIL reveals a selection of the most amusing moments…  

This cat appeared to be missing a portion of its leg, but after doing a double take, the owner realised it was just folded underneath the animal, while a toy was positioned in front of her

‘Gave me a heart attack!’ One pet owner admitted their dog (pictured) looked terrifying after getting a pine cone stuck in its mouth

Collated by Bored Panda, the snaps included one dog who devoured a red lipstick which made it appear covered in blood to its shocked owner (pictured)

What a mess! This adorable cat created uproar in its house after cracking open a jar of paprika, with its owners first believing it to be blood

‘My dog fell asleep under my daughter’s pillow and nearly gave me a heart attack,’ one owner admitted after sharing the above photograph

Why the log face? This animal appeared to be split in half when first looking at the image, until you realise it is sitting on its side

This dog appeared to be feeling unwell when sitting on the floor with something hanging out of its mouth – until it popped its head up and revealed the paper caught between its jaws

That is terrifying! This pet, at an undisclosed location, left its owner feeling very scared after placing its bone-like toy in the person’s trainer

Is that a tiger? The anonymous person who captured this photograph was stunned to discover the dog looked like a wild animal when sitting in the shadow of a fence

Oh no! This adorable little dog created quite the mess when raiding the food cupboard at an undisclosed location

When this dog sat next to a white cat toy one Christmas, its owners thought it had lost its tail before taking a closer look

‘My dog almost gave me a heart attack today. I thought she attacked our other dog outside and had blood all over her face. Then I saw a seed and realized she got into the tomatoes,’ confessed one owner after sharing the above image

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