Pet owners share VERY amusing snaps of their furry felines

Cat-astrohpe! Owners share snaps that prove their felines are taking coronavirus advice VERY seriously – including one on a conference call and another ‘self-isolating’ in a paper bag

  • Cat owners from across globe have shared amusing snaps of their furry felines 
  • Photos include two cats distancing themselves by sitting on either end of sofa
  • Another can be seen donning a tie in preparation for important conference call
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While an increasing number of employees are working from home amid the coronavirus epidemic, it’s not just humans who are taking government advice very seriously. 

Pet lovers from across the globe have shared amusing snaps of their furry felines to Twitter under the hashtag quarantine cats. 

Amongst the photos include two cats who have listened to recent advice and distanced themselves – by sitting on either end of the sofa.

Elsewhere, one smart feline donned a tie in preparation for his very important conference call, while decided to self-isolate by hiding away in a brown paper bag.

One person, from the US, shared this adorable image of her brother’s cat donning a tie and penned: ‘Little bro wanted his cat to look more “professional” when he appeared in the webcam during team (video) meetings so he bought him a set of ties’

Another pet owner, belied to be from the US, posted this snap of her furry feline perched on a banister and joked: ‘It can’t get me up HERE’

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Another woman, from the US, was gutted she’d spent hours trying to get her hands on some toilet roll – only to walk in on this…

In a bid to cheer up the nation, Kaitling Boldt from Ohio, posted this adorable photograph of two quarantine cats on a very important conference call

Alison from New York shared this photo alongside the caption: ‘I told him he needs to wash his paws for at least 20 seconds. He hasn’t figured it out yet’

This cat called Princess, looked at her owner Efrain in California as if to say: ‘Why are you still home and not at school?’

This owner,  from New Hampshire, shared this snap of her black and white cat hiding in a brown paper bag and joked he understands the importance of social distancing

One man from Birmingham, UK, joked that his cat has been on Amazon to order bags of catnip 

Another, from the US, took to Twitter and joked how her cats Ripley and Cassie understand the importance of social distancing

Violet, from the US, revealed her cat was taking coronavirus very seriously and was protecting himself as best he could

A further, from an unknown location, told how she had bought enough cats for everybody – but wasn’t willing to share

One woman, from the UK, shared an image of her cat hiding in a cupboard and added she is taking the self isolating thing very seriously 

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