Pets at home: Store launches 25% off new cooling range to protect pets from the heatwave

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Pets often can overheat in the hot weather and it is essential to keep them as cool as possible. Pets at Home has released its new cooling range designed to keep pets from overheating in the summer sun. The range includes UV tents, cooling mats, paddling pools, beer for dogs and more. Items are suitable or outside or indoors and pet owners will be in luck with their range currently on a 25 percent discount.

Pets at Home says: “Pets at Home’s range of cooling products are a must-have to help keep pets cool, hydrated and protected from sunburn during the summer. And what’s more, from Thursday 6th August until Thursday, August 13, products in the cooling range will be included in a 25 percent off promotion.

“Including items suitable for the garden, inside the house or when out on walks, pet owners can pick up water bottles, cooling mats, cooling vests and even freezable ice cream dog toys.

“Pet owners can also treat their furry friend to a dog paddling pool, which has been carefully designed to be strong and durable to withstand excitable dogs. It’s also shallow enough for dogs to climb in and out of safely and with ease.

Claire Gavin, Director of Creative Development and Innovation at Pets at Home, said: “With foreign holidays seeming a long way off for many, we’re turning to our gardens this summer and getting out and about with our pets in the sunshine. But just as the sun can be damaging to our skin, it poses a risk for the health of our pets too.

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“We know that keeping pets cool during the summer months can be a challenge, so our new range has been created with the health, welfare and safety needs of our pets top of mind, whilst ensuring they can keep cool and have fun in the sun too.”

The cooling range is available in stores and online and each item comes in various different sizes depending on the size of your pet.

The Pet Cooling Mat is available in sizes between small and XXL and the sale prices range from £5-£16.50.

Pets at Home says that the mat is perfect for making car trips or creating a place at home for refreshing naps.

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A pet friendly Paddling Pool is available in large and XL with the large being reduced to just £18 from £25 and the XL costing £26.25 from £35.

Pets at Home says: “Featuring a mesh pocket and convenient leash trainer, this paddling pool pops up and down in seconds.”

The Ice Cooling Bandana can keep your pet cool whilst it is on the move and is super lightweight.

The prices range from £5.25 to £6.25 and come in sizes small to medium and large to extra large.

The pet store says: “The ultimate lightweight, ice-cooling bandana that gives your dog a feeling of long-lasting comfort on hot days or on the go.”

Pets can often get very dehydrated in the hot weather which is why it is very important to carry water with you when you leave the house.

The Travel Water Bottle is available in a range of colours and sells for just £2.25 on sale reduced from £3.

Their appetite can also increase in the humid weather which makes taking food out an essential.

The collapsible dog bowl is a convenient folding bowl to put in your bag or pocket and creates little mess.

The small is available for just £3.38 and the medium is on sale for £5.25.

Pets at Home has also released the Pet Fill ’n’ Freeze Ice Cream Dog Toy to keep your pet occupied in the heat while also cooling them at the same time.

It is shaped in an ice cream shape and provides a cool relief for dogs.

Costing just £3.75 it can keep your pup occupied for hours.

Pet at Home says: “Providing a stimulating playtime for your dog, this toy also offers soothing relief for teething pups – just fill with water and freeze.”

Lastly, the Elastofit Ice Blue Dog Vest will keep your pooch cool for up to six hours and helps protect them against UV and heat-related illnesses.

Ranging from small to XXL it costs between £11.25 and £15.75.

Ways to keep your dog stay cool during the summer:
• Never leave them in the car alone, even in shade or with the window open
• Take water and a bowl with you if you’re going on a long walk
• Avoid strenuous walks and exercise during the hottest part of the day
• Stick to paths or parks where you know there’s shade
• Never leave your dog in a warm room such as a conservatory when you go out
• Ensure your pet always has an option of somewhere cool to go
• Give long-haired or fluffy dogs a summertime trim at our Groom Room
• Use cooling aids or toys, and protect your dog with dog-friendly sunscreen

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