PewDiePie Criticizes Shane Dawson Jake Paul Documentary

Shane Dawson knew what he was doing when he chose Jake Paul to be the subject of a brand-new docu-series. The 30-year-old YouTube star saw what happened after Tana Mongeau and Jeffree Star were the focal points, so Jake? One of the most controversial humans of 2017? Yeah, Shane had to have understood what he was getting himself into with that one.

And yet, the more comments he receives — particularly about the episode “The Dark Side of Jake Paul,” in which he speaks to a therapist about whether or not Jake might suffer from sociopathy — the more defensive he gets. After the second episode aired, he tweeted:

“i understand why people are upset. i definetly [sic] went overboard with the horror movie editing but that’s cause i got excited & love editing horror. but i’m going to be more sensitive with the editing going forward. the last thing i want it to hurt anyone. :(its never my intention.”

Then the third ep aired & he was met with even more ~colorful~ commentary… and he’s over it:

“You know what. F*ck it. For part 4, i’m going full tea. no censoring. no holding back. no worrying about pissed off people texting me. You guys wanted tea and I’m gonna bring the whole damn kettle. Grab on to your f*ckin mops.”

But we wonder if Shane had the chance to see PewDiePie‘s critique about the docu-series before editing the latest ep. The 28-year-old star (real name Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg), who’s been the #1 YouTuber in terms of subscribers for years, had some thoughts about Ep. 2, and he publicly addressed them in his own video, called “The Dark Side of Shane Dawson.”

On Twitter, SD admitted to purposefully play up his reactions in the footage to make them more entertaining. And Felix wholeheartedly disagrees with this practice. “I think some topics, you do them right, or you don’t touch them,” he says in his own video.

Soon after, he criticizes the language used by therapist Kati Morton. “I understand not liking [sociopathy],” he says. “I don’t either, but for a therapist to describe a mental disorder as ‘really icky, really gross,’ that’s kind of weird to me.”

Yes, PDP is aware that Shane apologized… with a half-apology. (“I’m sorry if I offended anybody” is not a real apology, people.) “Shane if you need help with apology videos, just reach out,” says PewDiePie. “I’m really good at them.”

“I understand Shane wants to make things creepy… He does a great job of that… and I also think Kati took off her therapist hat to make things more interesting… and maybe it wasn’t deliberate, but these two things playing into each other made it into, in my opinion, a really bad video, unfortunately,” Felix conclues. “Some topics you just have to be more careful when you cover them… and I think they realize that now.”

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