Peyton Meyer Dating Angeline Appel, Girlfriend Confirmed

Love is in the air for Girl Meets World alum Peyton Meyer. While the 19-year-old actor is usually very private about what goes on in his personal life, including his relationships, he decided to open up to fans and reveal that he does, in fact, have a girlfriend.

So, who is this mystery woman who won the Disney Channel star’s heart? Angeline Appel, a 24-year-old actress who has made appearances on shows like Lab Rats: Elite Force, Recovery Road and Shameless.

Turns out, the actors were “friends for years,” but were never able to get their “complicated” lives together enough to start dating. We aren’t sure what happened or when they were from friends to lovers exactly, but if Peyton is being open, it’s clear he’s very happy.

“I keep my life very private for many reasons but this I have to share with you guys,” he wrote on Instagram on August 4. “I met someone. We have been friends for years. Our individual lives were very complicated back in the day, so a romantic life together seemed impossible. I’m glad time had a funny way of changing that. I know you don’t like your birthday but today’s a special day Happy Birthday beautiful.”

Ah, young love; isn’t it adorable??

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