Photographer captures lockdown life in pictures taken from his doorstep

Remember when the country was under a national lockdown and a walk to the supermarket was considered a treat?

A photographer has captured those days without leaving his home.

George Brooks, from Cirencester in the Cotswolds, decided to set up shop on his doorstep and take pictures of the people passing by his house.

Using tape to mark a two-metre distance, George asked people on their government-sanctioned walk, those on a run or people on their grocery shop if he could snap a photo of them.

Many agreed and George was able to take a series of pictures that captured the essence of lockdown life.

He told ‘I wanted to document this crazy time but without a commission, I realised the most important thing was to stay home with my family and comply with the lockdown.

‘Eventually, when things began to settle down I thought it might be possible to make the lockdown restrictions part of the project and cover the story from my own front door.’

The photographer is more used to shooting in the Middle East or North Africa but in times of a global crisis, had to adapt.

George continued: ‘I put tape on the road two metres from my gate, set up lights and put my camera on a tripod by the door.

‘With my daughter Eva and Ruby the dog both helping, I asked passersby to pause for a moment, ask what their journey was about that day and if they would participate.

‘The first person I spoke to was Iris who had a funny story about ice cream. She was confident, cheerful and immediately understood what I was doing and set the tone for the rest of the project.

‘Nearly everyone I asked agreed to take part and wanted to share their experiences of this unique time, even the police and Bob the bus driver.

‘It was, and still is, great fun to meet everyone, which I think we all found to be a relief from the pressures of lockdown.’

People love the images George captured and he was even able to make a short film out of them.

He said: ‘Since completing the project, the feedback has been phenomenal. I made a short film for my local BBC which had 1.5 million views and nothing but positive comments.’

Check out the rest of the images:

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