Plumber explains what numbers on radiator dial mean – and you could save money

Temperatures have plummeted, and as much as we want to save on our heating bills, we can’t put off turning the heating on for much longer.

But just because Brits aren’t prepared to freeze, doesn’t mean we can afford to rack up energy bills.

Millions of Brits don’t actually know what the little numbers on their radiators mean.

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Experts claim that using a thermostatic radiator valve (TRV) correctly could potentially half your gas bill.

This is because it can help reduce the amount of gas that your boiler needs to burn to heat up the water in your central heating system.

The Sun spoke to Nathan Martin-Nicholls, a plumber at INHOUSE Plumbing and Heating to find out exactly what those numbers on our TRVs really mean.

He told the publication that it's the most common question that he gets while on the job.

Nathan explained: “The numbers actually relate to the temperature in the room, not the temperature of the radiator”.

The TRV is designed to detect the room's temperature – and from there it will then control how much hot water is let into the radiator.

So if it detects a cold room, it will let more hot water into the radiator to heat it quicker. If it’s a warm room, less hot water will be let in to maintain the room temperature.

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Nathan said that the number settings on the TRV roughly correspond to the room temperatures below:

  • 0 = 0°C (off)
  • ✱ = 7°C (usually shown as a snowflake or full stop symbol)
  • 1 = 10°C
  • 2 = 15°C
  • 3 = 20°C
  • 4 = 25°C
  • 5 = 30°C

Nathan said: "TRVs are a simple way to give you full temperature control on radiators in any rooms where you have the TRVs installed.

"The main benefit to them is that they will save you money on your heating bills if you use them correctly."


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