Plus size influencer flaunts cellulite in undies in candid fitting room snaps

Plus size influencer Megan Kim has shared candid snaps from the shop dressing room to declare that “bad” lighting should not make women feel rubbish about their bodies.

The brunette beauty is no stranger to ditching her clothes while preaching body positive messages to her 20,400 Instagram followers.

Previously, Megan took to Instagram to embrace her ‘squidge’ as she flaunted her gorgeous curves in some red lacy lingerie.

But this time, the self-loving babe has snapped a series of bra and knicker donning snaps away from her usual home backdrop.

Megan took herself to a shop’s fitting room to blast the lighting and how it makes some women feel about their bodies.

The curvy influencer wore a black thong along with a grey ribbed bra on top.

She declared in the post: “Bad lighting, great bum.”

Megan defied the idea that women should feel “terrible” about their bodies because of lighting.

She showed that "cellulite" and natural bodies are normal and that we shouldn't be worrying about "ideal beauty standards".

Megan captioned the images: “‘Oh no this lightning is terrible, so I have a terrible body’. NO. INCORRECT.

“Different lighting can make us look totally different but some stupid changing room has no right to make anyone feel bad about themselves.

“Also, so what if our cellulite shows up in this lighting? It’s there all the time regardless.

“Plus – what’s wrong with it? It’s literally a normal part of skin lol.

“My first thought today was “HA” look at my arse in this light – and then ‘I have a great arse tho so who cares’.

“Bad lighting doesn’t mean a bad body.”

Inspired by Megan’s post, many fans fled to the comments to thank the influencer for sharing the candid snaps.

One person praised: “I LOVE YOU!!!! How fab is this post.”

Another user added: “Omg this is so spot on!”

While a third person voiced: “So true!! And you look great!”

Someone else shared: “You're so cute. It seems like dressing room lighting is designed to make us feel like sh*t. Last time I was in one I had a panic attack and started crying.”

Meanwhile, a fifth person applauded: “You look stunning in all lightings. Thank you for sharing your confidence.”

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