Porsha Williams: The Tragic Reason RHOA Star ‘Copied’ Kylie Jenner & Kept Pregnancy A Secret

Porsha waited until she was in her second trimester to announce that she and her boyfriend were expecting a little one. Why did she go to such great lengths to hide her pregnancy? We’ve got all the details.

Have you heard? Porsha Williams, 37, announced on Sept. 19 that she and her boyfriend Dennis McKinley have their first baby on the way, showing off her beautiful bump to prove it. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star opened up about the “mixed feelings” she experienced when she found out, saying she was both excited and afraid because she’d miscarried six years ago. “Just the fear of ‘Is the baby going to be okay? Will I make it full term?’ All those questions you ask if you’ve had a miscarriage before,” she explained. The reality star chose to keep her baby news a secret for awhile because of this tragedy, a source close to Porsha told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY, and followed Kylie Jenner‘s example.

Recall that the young KarJenner didn’t admit that she was pregnant with her daughter Stormi Webster until after she gave birth. And while Porsha didn’t choose to wait quite that long, her secrecy was inspired by Kylie. “Kylie Jenner was an inspiration for her because she managed to dodge questions and keep her pregnancy a secret for the whole time so Porsha felt confident she could stay in the public eye and still keep her pregnancy a secret,” an insider said. “Porsha didn’t go into hiding like Kylie but she definitely copied her in other ways, like taking all her pictures at certain angles to hide her bump and even getting people to straight up lie for her.”

The source made it very clear, though, that none of this was done for attention. It was done because she was very afraid,” the insider said. “She was incredibly traumatized by the miscarriage she had so she really just had to take all the steps to keep this a secret until she felt confident the pregnancy would go to full term. She’s into her second trimester now and everything is going so good, she felt like it was safe to share. But up until now she’s been dodging questions from everyone and even having people that were in on her happy news lie for her. She went to great lengths to keep this a secret and she pulled it off.”

We totally understand why Porsha would keep her baby bump on the DL for so long and can’t wait until she gets to show off her happy, healthy baby!

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