Poundland has announced a new deal slashing items to 1p every week

Poundland's website, Poundshop.com, is reducing items to 1p every Wednesday to help families combat the cost of living crisis.

With shoppers looking for deals and discounts, the new Value Heroes offer will see one item slashed to a penny each week.

Most items in the Value Heroes household essentials like toothpaste, shower-gel and cooking oils that cost £1. But every Wednesday one product in the range will be reduced by 99%.

Poundland hopes the new bargain will help shoppers that are tight for cash – but is the 1p deal worth it? We took a look at the new Wednesday weekly offer to see what’s included, how to order and if there’s a minimum spend.

What is the 1p deal at Poundland?

Poundland has announced it will be reducing one Value Heroes items down from £1 to 1p every Wednesday.

Poundland said: "We know it’s getting more and more expensive to live right now, and here at Poundshop.com we want to help. That’s why we’ve put together our Value Heroes, a range of £1 household staples you know, love and need."

“We’re committed to keeping your favourites affordable – and your life on track – so you can beat inflation and get the products you need without breaking the bank."

The first item on offer was a pack of coloured pencils – not the most in demand product – but one that could help a child with homework.

New deals will go live on Wednesdays at 12am, and they will change weekly.

What are the conditions of the Poundland deal?

The offer is exclusively on Poundland's website Poundshop.com.

The pack of coloured pencils was reduced to 1p. However, in order to qualify for the Value Heroes offer, you have to spend at least another £10 on the website.

Customers therefore can't just buy one 1p item a week. They will have to look for other nifty bargains, taking the price up to a tenner before cashing in on the deal.

Although this is an exciting offer, it would work best if customers are already planning a household shop. Although the amount in the trolley would sit at £10.01p if you bought 10 £1 items and a 1p discounted product, delivery charges start from £5.95.

The more money spent online, the cheaper the delivery – but the 1p Value Heroes offer only puts money back in shoppers pockets if they were planning a big online shop.

Martin Lewis has warned the public and government of tough times ahead, as energy prices continue to soar. Shoppers will be on the lookout for nifty bargains like Poundland's 1p Value Heroes offer.

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