‘Pretty Little Mamas’ Recap: Nikki Discovers An Online Burn Book That Posts About Nicole

Nikki and Nicole’s friendship hit another snag during the Sept. 6 episode of ‘Pretty Little Mamas’, when the discovery of an online burn book wreaked havoc amongst the girls!

Remember when Nikki brought two uninvited guests to Nicole’s party last week, during the Aug. 31 episode of Pretty Little Mamas? Well, that argument became the least of Nikki’s problems during this week’s episode because after apologizing for the party mishap and making up with Nicole, Nikki then went behind Nicole’s back and gossiped about a “burn book”-style website aimed at the party host. Confused? Let us explain.

So basically, Nikki found out about this website — and a number of others — by Nicole’s cousin. Apparently, they became fast friends after meeting through Nicole, and he’s a huge gossiper so he freely told Nikki all about the websites that Nicole’s dad paid big bucks to get shut down a number of years ago. Sadly, at least one of the sites still exists and it paints Nicole in a bad light, saying she’s ugly among other things.

Nikki never heard about these websites before, so when she later met up with Cheyenne, she told her all about them. They even searched for one online and read through it. Afterwards, Nikki wanted to meet up with Nicole to talk about it, but Cheyenne spilled the beans first. Cheyenne told Nicole all about how Nikki told them about the site, and that angered Nicole. She couldn’t believe that Nikki would tell everyone about the site without coming to her first. She said that Nikki’s actions were just as bad as the person who made the website.

During Nikki’s meet-up with Nicole, she had no idea that Nicole already knew about her discovery of the site. So as soon as Nicole showed up to the bar they were meeting at, she said she was going to keep their talk “short and sweet”. Nicole pretty much ripped Nikki a new butthole and told her that she shouldn’t be anything but apologetic at this point. She also said that she no longer wants to be friends, so with this and the party mishap under Nikki’s belt, it seems like this friendship is completely tarnished. Yikes!

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