Prince Harry Finds Meghan Markle’s Style A Huge Turn-On — ‘He Loves When She Dresses Hot’

After Meghan Markle rocked a sultry, sheer black dress, we’re hearing her hubs absolutely loves when she pushes the limits on the royal fashion rules!

Now it’s not super typical for Royal Family members to dress “hot,” per se, but when Duchess Meghan Markle shows a bit of skin, or rocks something a bit risqué, her new husband Prince Harry absolutely loves it! “Harry finds Meghan’s sexy style a huge turn-on,” a royal source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “Harry has always been attracted to Meghan’s fashion choices, from the first time they met he was drawn to her perfect mix of chic and sexy. Harry feels that now that she is her wife, Meghan has elevated her style game and now gracefully combines elegance, sex-appeal and a distinct style that he finds totally arousing.” Woo! This comes just days after Meghan stepped out to attend an exhibition opening at the Royal Academy of the Arts in a skin-tight black dress that featured sheer long sleeves.

“He loves when she dresses hot, how beautiful Meghan looks, and everything else about his new wife too. Every time he sees her he feels like the luckiest guy in the world,” the insider continued. While Meghan’s sophisticated style wouldn’t necessarily be described as “hot,” some of her looks definitely push the boundaries of royal wardrobe, like her powerful pantsuits! Meghan’s fashion has also recently been making headlines as everyone is on baby bump watch! Multiple outlets have been reporting for weeks that the Duchess is expecting, with some even claiming she is pregnant with twins! However, her curve-hugging black dress from the other evening hushed those rumors, for now, since no bump appeared visible.

What we do hear at HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY is that Meghan and Harry are happier than ever together! “Harry has been pampering Meghan more than ever,” an insider told us. “He has fresh flowers delivered every single week, usually her favorite peonies. Meghan says that alone makes her feel so spoiled.” So sweet! We need a Prince Harry in our lives!

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