Prince Louis’ Birth Certificate: Will & Kate’s Official Occupations Revealed

Newborn British royal, Prince Louis, has received his official birth certificate under his current title, His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge. The son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, which was signed by William on Tuesday features his parents’ occupations, who are listed as “working” as the Prince and Princess of the United Kingdom.

Louis, the royal couple’s third child, was born at the maternity unit of St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington last Monday at 11.01 a.m., weighing an impressive 8lbs. 7oz. According to his father, “Sleeping’s going reasonably well so far. So, he’s behaving himself, which is good.” He shares his first name with his father and brother, who also have the middle name Louis.

“It completes them,” royal biographer Ingrid Seward told People. Given that Kate also comes from a family of three children, Seward stated, “It’s a good family size. Boy-girl-boy is pretty cool as well. It suits them really well. They are enjoying it and are very happy.”

The couple is not expected to employ an additional nanny and William take time off to help Kate with the newborn. As William and Kate’s third child after George and Charlotte, Louis is fifth in line to the throne.

The name Louis, which means “famous in battle” or “famous warrior,” seems fitting for a royal. His middle names also have their own regal bearing. The full name of King George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father was Albert Frederick Arthur George, and Queen Victoria’s seventh child was Prince Arthur, who went on to become the Duke of Connaught and Strathearn.

The name itself is currently not very trendy in the United Kingdom, ranking between the 70th and 80th most popular boys’ names for newborns. George, on the other hand, is in the top 10 of most popular names. Louis is, however, popular in France, where there have been eighteen monarchs with that name. In fact, between 1610 and 1798, every king was named Louis.

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