Prince Philip ‘left scene of crash in minutes while I was left on roadside’

The passenger of a car which crashed into Prince Philip’s Land Rover has claims it took her two hours to get to hospital while the duke left the scene ‘in minutes’.

Emma Fairweather broke her wrist when a Kia driven by friend Ellie Townsend crashed into the Duke of Edinburgh’s Freelander on Thursday.

The 46-year-old said the duke – who was unharmed – was whisked away from the scene in less than 10 minutes while it took her more than two hours to get to hospital.

Speaking to the Mirror the mum-of-two, whose baby was in the Kia and miraculously was not injured, said: "I’m not sure how long it took the ambulance to arrive, but I know that from the time of the accident to getting to the hospital was over two hours.

"I left at 2.30pm obviously travelled through Sandringham and arrived at hospital at 5.10pm (the accident occurred shortly before 3pm).

"There was some hold ups in the ambulance. I couldn’t get any really useful pain relief, so that was difficult.

"They were just making really thorough checks before we moved away.

"It did seem like a really long time. I kept asking why is the pain getting worse because I thought it would then it would start to get better.

"I’d never broken a bone before so it was a bit of a shock."

The mum-of-two, who celebrated her birthday on Sunday, said Prince Philip was whisked away from the scene swiftly after he was pulled out of the overturned Freelander he had been driving.

She said: "My perception is that Prince Philip had left the scene in well under 10 minutes.

"It’s not so much the injury it’s the impact to my life.

"I’ll be eternally grateful that I walked out of this."

She added: (I did get) so excited at the prospect of maybe some flowers and a note from Sandringham or the Palace and I really had every faith in that because that’s what you… you was talking earlier about what your memories and ‘I might get a letter from the Queen’ and you know I may well do and I was told I was going to be contacted by a representative of the palace if I was prepared for that I was told to expect that call yesterday."

But, Emma says, that phone call never came.

"I did get a phone call from the police liaison officer with a message to say that Her Majesty The Queen, His Royal Highness Prince Philip and the Duke of York would like to be remembered to me, I didn’t really understand what that message meant.

"I just wanted to be reached out to and I didn’t feel as if I wanted any more than that so I guess I was a felt a bit…a bit disappointed.

"I thought there would be more care towards me as to whether I was managing."

Norfolk Police are investigating the cause of the crash.

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