Princess Anne’s body language with ‘anxious’ Camilla suggests she is ‘stronger royal’

Camilla Parker-Bowles 'doesn't hold back from quips' says expert

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Princess Anne is a working royal and the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II. Since marrying Prince Charles, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall has also worked within the Firm.

Their important royal roles have seen them attend countless events on behalf of the monarch.

They have often been seen together in the past and always appear to have a good friendship.

Despite this, body language expert Darren Stanton suggested they have some notably different personality traits.

Analysing pictures for, he claimed Princess Anne always seems “strong”.

He said: “In one picture with Princess Anne and Camilla it’s quite interesting. I’m intrigued by what Princess Anne is looking at.

“Whatever it is she’s finding it quite amusing and her posture is strong and independent.

“Camilla’s hands are not visible and almost look as if they are in her pockets. This is a sign of slight anxiety and insecurity.”

Princess Anne has shown her “strong” personality when with Camilla and other members of the Royal Family, Darren continued.

He claimed outings of the two royals show Princess Anne as more confident than her sister-in-law.

Darren stated: “Princess Anne’s posture is straight upright with a very solid facial expression, clearly watching something. Her position is one of confidence.

“Holding her bag, Camilla’s hand position – although taken in a single still shot – appears to be less confident than Princess Anne again.”

Princess Anne has been a working royal for more than 50 years, taking on a role when she was just 18-years-old.

Camilla, on the other hand, only joined the Royal Family around 15 years ago.

More time in the public eye may have helped Princess Anne become more confident and her body language could show this when compared with Camilla.

The expert commented on an outing where the royal women greeted each other at the races, before the coronavirus pandemic.

“I really love the picture with Camilla in the green hat,” he commented.

“How Princess Anne is holding Camilla’s hands is a power gesture.”

Darren suggested the Princess Royal used “powerful” body language techniques with Camilla.

He added the gesture could suggest Princess Anne is showing she is the “stronger royal”.

“Some body language experts would say placing the hand on top denotes power,” the expert suggested.

“However, if we examine the way in which Princess Anne is holding Camilla’s hand, it is reminiscent of a parent holding a child.

“Although the pair may get on very well, psychologically she is still saying ‘I am the stronger royal’.”

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