Princess Charlotte in £259 Penelope Chilvers boots for Christmas card

Dressed like mum and dad! Princess Charlotte’s £259 Penelope Chilvers boots are a mini version of Kate’s favourite pair while George and Louis mimic William’s ‘casual’ style in Christmas card photo

  • Princess Charlotte wore £259 Penelope Chilvers boots in 2020 Christmas card
  • They appear similar to a pair owned by her mother the Duchess of Cambridge
  • Both Kate and her daughter sported ruffle blouses and jumper combos in photo
  • Elsewhere, Prince George, seven, donned a £12 fleece by British brand Regatta
  • Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s Christmas card officially released last night

When it comes to style, the young Cambridge children have shown they are taking after their mother and father in the latest family snap, released last night as their official 2020 Christmas card.

In the adorable image, which was first leaked online last week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, both 38, are seen surrounded by their children as they all wear cosy winter clothes.  

Princess Charlotte, five, is captured sitting on her mother Kate Middleton’s lap, wearing a stylish Ralph Lauren jumper and £259 Penelope Chilvers boots, similar to a pair owned and worn by her mother on several occasions.

Meanwhile, Prince George, seven, dressed in a £12 fleece by British brand Regatta, and Prince Louis, two, sporting a blue jumper, mimic Prince William’s casual ‘earthy tones’, according to celebrity stylist Rochelle White.  

Kensington Palace confirmed a leaked image of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis is the family’s official Christmas snap for 2020 (pictured)

Princess Charlotte, five, is captured sitting on her mother Kate Middleton’s lap, wearing a stylish Ralph Lauren jumper and £259 Penelope Chilvers boots (pictured left), similar to a pair owned and reworn by her mother (pictured right, in 2018 wearing the boots)

The sweet family snap, which shows the group sitting on haystacks in front of firewood, was officially released by Kensington Palace last night, after being leaked online last week by a royal fan. 

Princess Charlotte complemented her mother’s look, wearing a Ralph Lauren jumper and a ruffle-neck blouse with skinny jeans, teamed with £259 Penelope Chilvers boots.

The duchess has a similar pair of the knee-highs, and has owned the trusty £475 Penelope Chilvers boots for at least 16 years, having first been spotted in them at the Blenheim Palace Game Fair in August 2004.

Elsewhere, looking effortlessly stylish, Kate opted for a red jumper with her recycled Marguerite Blouse by Sezane and a pair of skinny jeans for the Christmas card photo.

The youngest of the clan, Prince Louis, was nestled between his parents in a look similar to his father’s go-to style.

Meanwhile, Prince Louis, two, sported a blue jumper (pictured left), mimicking Prince William’s (pictured right in 2018) casual ‘earthy tones’, according to celebrity stylist Rochelle White

Prince George (pictured left), seven, was dressed in a £12 fleece by British brand Regatta, in a similar jumper and shirt combo often worn by Prince William (pictured right in 2020)

He sported a blue jumper paired with a checkered shirt underneath and dark trousers, while his older brother Prince George was dressed in a similar ‘earthy tone’ to his father Prince William, according to celebrity stylist Rochelle White.

The duke donned a green jumper with a blue shirt underneath, while Prince George opted for similar colours, sporting a £12 fleece by British brand Regatta and a £40 Brown Check Shirt from Trotters.

Stylist Rochelle said: ‘I think that Kate and William have dressed their children similar to them to keep the look and feel of the festive card. 

‘Both the boys, Prince George and Prince Louis have got a similar look to their dad with the earthy tones, jumper and shirt combo. 

‘The colours they are wearing complement Prince William and the rest of the family. Both their looks represent them and their style. 

Prince Charles, 71, and Camilla, 73, have also released their official 2020 Christmas card, choosing a candid picture as they relaxed in the gardens of Birkhall

‘Princess Charlotte has a similar look to her mum in a jumper and jeans combo. Kate has again chosen complementary tones for both herself and Charlotte. They have a very relaxed feel as a family.’

The Christmas card image was shared to social media last night, with the Palace writing: ‘The Duke and Duchess are delighted to share a new image of their family, which features on their Christmas card this year.’ 

The shot is decidedly more festive than the family’s 2019 card, which saw the family pose with a vintage khaki-coloured motorbike, in a sunny setting. 

The Duke and Duchess of Cornwall have also released their official 2020 Christmas card, choosing a candid picture as they relaxed in the gardens of Birkhall.

Prince Charles, 71, and Camilla, 73, have spent much of the year at their Scottish residence, choosing to spend the first lockdown at their home in Aberdeenshire and returning for a summer break.  

In the charming new photograph, which was taken in the early autumn by a member of the royal staff, Prince Charles can be seen with his arm around Camilla as they share a laugh in the beautiful gardens. 

The Cambridges’ family photo signals ‘tight family unity’ body language expert Judi James says 

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s family Christmas photo shows ‘tight family unity’ and that Kate Middleton is ‘the backbone of the unit’ a body language expert has claimed.

Speaking to FEMAIL, Judi James suggested Kate Middleton’s arm is around daughter Charlotte’s waist  shows a gesture of inclusion and protection while Prince George’s smile shows his ‘shyness’ and ‘special bond with his father’. 


‘This pose signals the tightest family unit, with the earthy, woody tones of their background and outfits hinting that William and Kate might be happiest in the kind of natural, simple environment that they opted for when they were first married and went to live in Anglesey in simpler, non-sumptuous surroundings,’ she explained.

‘It suggests a lack of change from the couple since the idyllic and more private days of their marriage.


‘The confident body language signals in this group pose come from one end, with both Kate and Charlotte sitting upright, throwing direct and almost (in Charlotte’s case) challenging eye-gazes at the camera. 

‘This level gaze looks the most royal, too. Kate looks like the undisputed backbone of the family unit,’ she added.

‘She has one brow raised at the outside edge in what looks like a gesture of ironic amusement, as though she gets that the photographer is pulling stunts to make the boys laugh. 

‘William seems to acknowledge that his wife is his rock here, leaning in towards her, wearing a smile that involves a tight top lip and puckering of the brows at the bridge of the nose to suggest suppressed delight at being supporter and back-seat protector of his family group.


‘Charlotte mirrors that sense of adult irony by performing an asymmetric smile that pulls the mouth up at one corner, rather than the smile of childlike glee that little Louis is wearing.

‘Kate’s arm is around Charlotte’s waist in a gesture of inclusion and protection but, as we saw on the panto red carpet and as we can see here, this could well be the last time we see an increasingly independent-looking Charlotte appearing in need of any confidence-boosting tie-signs from her parents. 

‘Charlotte’s body language suggests she is very much her own person, sitting happily to the side of the pose with her hands and arms splayed to hint she’s getting keen to explore and have adventures by herself.


‘George’s smile and his eye expression suggest a hint of shyness and he seems happiest posing near his dad. 

‘The pair seem to have a special bond that could be partly down to the way William is drawing on his own experiences as a future king to ensure his own eldest son will be comfortable with his own destiny. 

‘George places a hand on William’s arm to show he is still happy to enjoy the protection of his father that Charlotte seems to be already outgrowing.


‘Little Louis always looks like the joy of the family, sitting happy and absorbed in everything that is going on. 

‘His open-mouthed laugh sees him yelling in delight and even though he is the smallest he already seems happy entertaining his parents and siblings.   

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