Profile pictures show snaps of  singletons looking for love online

Was that the best backdrop they could find? Singletons pose for sultry dating profile pictures in VERY unlikely locations – including a shower cubicle and draped over a TRACTOR

  • Images said to be taken from Russian dating profiles have surfaced online 
  • Capture romantic hopefuls in some rather unlikely locations  
  • One woman posed inside a shower and others in front of a bush and tractor 

Online dating can certainly be a minefield, with everything resting on one perfect profile picture to get that all important right swipe. 

And this hilarious online gallery reveals a hint at what not to do.  

Understood to have originated from Russian dating profiles, the images shared online capture women posing in some rather unlikely locations, including draped over a hedge, propped up on a tractor, and perched on the edge of a less than luxurious looking shower cubicle.

Scroll down to see more of the snaps, which will certainly have served as conversation starters for any potential suitors…

Profile pictures gone wrong? One woman clambered atop a tractor in her very best attire for a rather strange snap for her dating profile

Another woman  took a rather strange bathroom selfie with a rather huge iPad and matching wallpaper

Meanwhile another lady posed in an intriguing belly-dancing ensemble for a very strange snap 

One singleton decided a large bush was the perfect place to pose as she looked for love online

Continuing the theme for strange surroundings, one lady posed inside a shower for her questionable profile picture

Another singleton inexplicably posed in sunglasses with a daisy, a rose and a bottle of alcohol for her close-up

One lady attempted a seductive pose finger-on-lip pose on cowhide-patterned bedsheets

And another thought her rug and colourful wallpaper was the perfect backdrop for her profile picture

Continuing the outdoor theme, this woman obscured her face completely, letting a tree take centre stage

Another woman posed on a bright carpet as she stared into the distance for he snap

Another lady threw up some hand signs as she posed in a forest in leather winter jacket and summer attire

Netflix and chill? One woman posed in fingerless gloves in front of her TV in a rather odd snap

Another lady offered up a seductive pose on a very red sofa, somewhat ruined by her discoloured sandals in the background

One woman decided a wall was the perfect backdrop for her seductive pose teamed with a bright pink skirt

One woman decided beer was the perfect companion for her profile picture, which may well have netted her a few swipes

Another lady’s odd pose on a tiny wooden stool framed by a plant and bright sofa made for a rather odd snap

One lady’s leopard print sleeves certainly made people look twice for this interesting profile picture

Another lady posed alongside her fluffy toys and cartoon-inspired blanket for a rather interesting snap

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