Queen Letizia looks somber during royal visit to Mozambique

Spain’s Queen Letizia looks sombre as she visits a city destroyed by flooding in Mozambique to meet those affected by devastating natural disasters

  • Queen Letizia, 46, is visiting Mozambique for two-days to show solidarity 
  • Serious flooding has ravaged northern Mozambique, killing at least five people
  • Royal has visited the health centre in Beira, a city all but destroyed by flooding  
  • The area is still recovering from horrendous floods in March from Cyclone Idai 

Queen Letizia looked sombre this afternoon as she completed the final day of her royal visit to Beira, Mozambique, a city all but destroyed by recent natural disasters. 

The royal, 46, met with doctors and health care professionals, as well as local women impacted by flooding in the area. 

The Queen of Spain is currently in the region for a two-day visit to meet with those impacted by recent natural disasters in the country.  

Serious flooding is currently raging in parts of northern Mozambique hit by Cyclone Kenneth, which killed at least five people last week. 

Queen Letizia met with local women impacted by the floods in the coastal city of Beira, which has been badly impacted by natural disasters

The Spanish royal visited facilities at Dondo Health Centre along with other Spanish Cooperation volunteers

Queen Letizia looked thoughtful as she arrived in the coastal city of Beira, which was the fourth largest city in the country, but was all but destroyed by flooding earlier this year.

Nearly 90 per cent of the port city was damaged or destroyed.

At the end of March, the main hospital’s surgical wing was completely destroyed, as floors flooded and the cyclone lifted the roof from the building. 

The Spanish royal arrived at Dondo Health Centre to meet with health care professionals and local women to discuss the impact of the natural disasters on the community.  

Letizia looked serious as she visited the health centre in Beira, a city all but destroyed by Cyclone Idai in March 

The royal looked stunned by the facilities in the health centre during her visit, which she took on the final day of her tour of Mozambique 

The royal wore an understated outfit, with a smart white shirt tucked into beige trousers. 

She paired the outfit with a pair of heavy duty boots, and finished it off with the red Spanish Cooperation waistcoat. 

The royal also kept her makeup neutral for the visit, and wore simple diamond studs in her ears. 

Letizia met with healthcare professionals at the centre, and was seen shaking hands with team members.   

The royal was seen gesturing to the expansive hole in the ceiling of the Dondo Health Centre corridor 

The royal went on to meet health care professionals and officials to discuss the impact of Cyclone Idai on the area 

The stylish royal wore a simple outfit, pairing a smart white shirt with beige trousers and sturdy lace up boots 

She went on to receive a briefing about the situation left by the devastating Cyclone Idai. 

Much of the area is still recovering from horrendous flooding and devastation after Cyclone Idai struck in March. 

The Spanish royal was due to visit the region ahead of Cyclone Kenneth’s arrival, to see the work being done to strengthen relations between Mozambique and Spain.  

The royal met with local women who have been impacted by natural disasters in the coastal area 

Queen Letizia was seen shaking hands with members of staff as she arrived at the Dondo Health Centre

Mozambique has been struck with several terrible cyclones in the last few months, including Cyclone Idai which caused hundreds of deaths in the region earlier this year. 

It’s currently battling against Cyclone Kenneth, which is causing devastating floods in the country, putting 700,000 people’s lives at risk. 

It is Queen Letizia’s fourth cooperation visit after visiting Honduras and El Savaldor, Seneal, Dominican Republic and Haiti.  

This is Queen Letizia’s fourth cooperation trip after viting Honduras and El Salvador, Seneal and Dominican republic and Haiti

Spain’s Queen Letizia listens to Start Hospital’s Clinical Director Abel Martinez in Beira, Mozambique 

Kenneth arrived just six weeks after Cyclone Idai ripped into central Mozambique and killed more than 600 people with flooding. 

Authorities have said at least five people died after Kenneth roared in Thursday evening with the force of a Category 4 hurricane, stunning residents of a region where such a storm had not been recorded in the modern era. 

More than 160,000 people have been affected in the largely rural region, many already exposed and hungry. 

The Queen was briefed on the situation with Cyclone Idai, and how the country is recovering from devastating flooding 

Queen Letizia arrived in the coastal city of Beira earlier today as part of her two day visit to Mozambique 

Letizia, pictured centre with the other START team members at the Dondo Health Centre in Beira, Mozambique 

More than 35,000 homes in parts of Mozambique’s northernmost Cabo Delgado were partially or fully destroyed by the storm. 

The royal charmed crowds yesterday as she greeted mothers and toddlers impacted by natural disasters in Mozambique. 

The royal, 46, was seen stroking children and holding their hands as she spoke to packed crowds in the health centre in the country’s capital Maputo.      

Queen Letizia looked broody as she gazed at toddlers and babies during her visit to the health centre in Maputo, Mozambique 

Queen Letizia gently reached out to one little boy, and seemed charmed by the children at the health centre 

On the first visit of her royal tour, she met with crowds of women and children at Manica Health Center in Maputo, the country’s capital, which is on the south coast of the country. 

She wore a cream textured suit, with a light lace-trimmed camisole beneath her open jacket, and finished the outfit with nude brogue style shoes. 

The outfit was paired with a bold red ‘Spanish Cooperation’ waistcoat, which several member’s of the royal team were pictured wearing. 

The mother-of-two was seen crouching down to meet women and children, and seemed charmed by the group. 

She will learnt about the emergency response for those affected by Cyclone Idai, which struck earlier this year in March.  

Letizia wore a light lace top beneath her cream suit, and finished the outfit with a red Spanish Cooperation waistcoat

She met with crowds of women and children at the Manica Health Center in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo

The royal looked charmed by the crowds of mothers and children that she met at the health care centre 

Inside the medical centre, Letizia looked somber as she met with children being currently treated as well as health care professionals.  

She donned a white lab coat as she met with medical experts, and was seen peering through a microscope. 

During her visit, Letizia will learn about work carried out by Spanish Cooperation in Mozambique in the areas of democratic governance, health, nutrition and rural development. 

The royal looked engaged as she spoke to professionals at the health center in the small market town 

The royal went on to meet the President of Mozambique Filipe Jacinto Nyussi and First Lady Isaura Nyussi at their official residence in the capital of the country. 

They were seen shaking hands outside the Ponta Vermelha Palace, before attending a meeting to discuss the recent natural disasters. 

Changing her outfit from the morning’s visit, Letizia stunned in a gorgeous sky blue shirt dress that featured a bow style tie around the waist. 

Wearing a touch of light eyeshadow and pink gloss, the royal finished the outfit with navy accessories and cool hoop earrings.   

Queen Letizia went on to meet the President Filipe Jacinto Nyussi and First Lady Isaura Nyussi at their official residence 

Letizia stunned in a stylish yet simple sky blue shirt dress, and kept her makeup light for the occasion


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