The Queen Was Prepared For Donald Trump’s Faux Pas– Will It Be The Last Time They Meet?

POTUS messed up big time when he walked ahead of Queen Elizabeth II at their first official meeting on July 13. However, his poor behavior did not surprise her. We’ve got an EXCLUSIVE scoop from a royal insider here!

It’s the moment Donald Trump, 72, has been waiting for! After months of anticipation, POTUS finally met Queen Elizabeth II on July 13. Unfortunately, he messed up royally by walking in front of her as they strolled the grounds of Windsor Palace. He also didn’t bow and kept the queen waiting for 12 minutes before arriving at the castle. “The feeling inside the palace is that Trump’s disrespectful mistakes with the queen were terrible and inexcusable. The American president struggled with the simplest acts of courtesy and politeness, which not go unnoticed by the world,” a source close to the royal family tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY.  What an awful first impression!

“After protests by the citizens of London against the president, combined with Trump’s rude behavior in front of the queen, it would not surprise anyone in the palace if this was the first and last time the queen will ever meet with Trump,” the insider continued. “The queen expected Trump to embarrass himself with bits of rude behavior and was prepared for anything. She felt Trump was true to poor form as he stumbled impolitely through their meeting,” our source added.

Luckily, it wasn’t all bad. “As offensive as Trump was, he was not actually as late as everyone thought. It only looked like that way because the queen was there early,” the source continued. “While the queen expected her guests to be late, she was certain to be early for his arrival. She was being thoughtful. But, that’s very typical behavior of her. She’s always thinking of others, unlike Donald Trump,” the source said. At least their meeting looked pleasant! In the photos, Queen Elizabeth II, POTUS, and Melania Trump were all smiles.

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