The ‘Queer Eye’ Cast’s Reactions To Tom & Abby’s Wedding Will Make You So Emotional

Sometimes people really do get happy endings, and Queer Eye‘s Tom Jackson is living proof. Tom and Abby, from the first episode of Netflix’s reboot, have officially remarried, and the Fab Five are so happy for the couple. The Queer Eye cast’s reactions to Tom and Abby’s wedding news range from helpful suggestions to downright gushing. It seems clear that for the guys, the couple they helped to reunite in their very first episode remains close to their hearts.

The Fab Five — Bobby Berk, Karamo Brown, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, and Jonathan Van Ness — helped Tom reunite with his ex-wife Abby in the show’s first episode, and the couple became instant fan favorites. After briefly splitting up again in February, the Georgia truck driver reunited with the woman he proclaimed the love of his life in the episode, and this time they made things official. In March, the couple announced their engagement on Twitter, and they eloped on March 27, according to Us Weekly. Now, the whole world, including the five men who helped Tom find his way back to Abby, know they’ve tied the knot.

In a video interview with Entertainment Tonight, Tan said,

The sweetness doesn’t end there. Tan’s co-star Bobby added, "The whole world saw all the love re-blossom on the first episode of Queer Eye. We couldn’t be more happy. Tom and Abby, congratulations. We love you." Meanwhile, Jonathan chimed in on Twitter, writing, "Zomg Tom & Abby wishing you all the happiness in the world!"

In addition to offering his congratulations, Tan also had some important advice for Tom. He told ET,

Those words of wisdom should help guide Tom as he continues to settle into married life with Abby once more. Bobby had some advice for him as well, but it was far more lighthearted. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Bobby said, "My advice for you guys is to always respect each other. And don’t fart in front of each other. That is my golden rule of a relationship."

While the Fab Five didn’t attend the private ceremony, they were there in spirit, and in Tom’s wardrobe choices. According to the official Queer Eye Twitter account, the groom’s suit was the same one the guys got for him during his makeover. Even though Bobby, Tan, Karamo, Antoni, and Jonathan couldn’t make it to the actual wedding, knowing that they played such a big part in bringing the couple back together is absolutely beautiful. And seeing Tom wear the suit they picked out for him is truly the perfect way to honor the guys’ contribution to their relationship.

Tom and Abby aren’t the only members of the Queer Eye family with happy news — Karamo and his longtime boyfriend Ian Jordan also recently got engaged. During a video interview with THR, Jonathan told his co-star of the engagement, "Can I just say that that was the most beautiful, seamless, most well-pulled-off surprise?" Because, of course Karamo’s fellow members of the Fab Five were there when he popped the question.

Queer Eye fans can rest assured that even when the cameras aren’t rolling, the guys are keeping their message of spreading love alive. And that definitely includes extending heartfelt wishes to newlyweds Tom and Abby.

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