Quiz: The test students could only score three out of ten on

Is YOUR general knowledge better than a teenager’s? Over half of the questions in this online quiz left high school students stumped

  • Quiz by Playbuzz has younger generation stumped, with students scoring badly
  • Online teaser tests geographical, historical and political knowledge
  • The ten-question quiz is multiple choice and answers are at the bottom 

Sometimes general knowledge comes with age…at least that’s the excuse of a group of 50 high school students who scored less than 50 per cent on a quiz many might think is reasonably easy. 

The new quiz released by Playbuzz has got the younger generation stumped, it seems. Out of 50 high school students tested, no one scored more than three out of ten correctly.

From geography to history, to politics and chemistry, the quiz demands a broad spectrum of knowledge – but it’s multiple choice, so you’ve got a one in four chance of getting the questions right.

The answers are at the bottom… but no cheating. See how you fare where a bunch of teens failed…

This fiendishly difficult 10-question quiz by Playbuzz features geographical, political and historical questions that are sure to challenge even the brightest minds












1. Harmonica

2. The Yellow Submarine

3. Africa

4. Golf

5. Italy

6.  Apollo 11 (XI)

7. Leonardo Da Vinci 

8. Proton

9. Asia

10. Dutch


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