‘Rage 2’s’ New Trailer: Laughing Buffalo, Smug Cliffs, Explodey Barrels

If it wasn’t clear yet, everything in “Rage 2” is out to get you.

In this latest trailer for the game, the folks at Bethesda Softworks, id Software, and Avalanche break the in-game dangers down for you, peppering in just a touch of paranoia to keep things moving.

The Everything Vs. Me trailer is a nice start, but if you want to learn a whole lot more about the game — which hits the PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One on May 14, then check out our interview with Tim Willits, creative director on the game.

In it, he talks about how id worked with Avalanche to blend the best of both studios into a game meant to capture the open world feel of a game like “Just Cause 4” with the highly polished, narratively driven moments of games like “Doom.”

More importantly, Willits delivers some sage advice on how best to tackle the game for maximum enjoyment. He also discusses the studio’s plans for the game once it’s out and in the hands of players.

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