Remains of 52-Year-Old Hiker Who Went Missing Last Year Found on California’s Mount Baldy

Two hikers ultimately found Mokkapati's remains on the northwest side of the mountain on June 19, the department said. The county medical examiner confirmed the remains were Mokkapati's on June 27.

Relatives told the Times that Mokkapati was an experienced hiker who had trekked Mount Baldy — known officially as Mount San Antonio — many times. He had only prepared for a day's hike when he went missing in December.

On the day of his disappearance, Mokkapati and three friends planned to travel to the mountain's summit using the Bear Flat Trail path, according to Mercury News. The trail is ranked as "moderate" in difficulty on the hiking website All Trails, and was described as "very steep and rocky" by one member.

While making their way up, Mokkapati's companions returned down the mountain due to the heavy snow that had accumulated on the trail, Mercury News reported. Mokkapati decided to continue toward the summit and told them he would meet them later.

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