‘RHOA’ Recap: Porsha Accuses Dennis Of Texting His Ex — Is He Cheating On Her?

Porsha had an issue with her fiance, Dennis McKinley, during the Jan. 13 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’. Has he been texting his ex behind her back?

After somewhat finishing her fight with Kandi over getting kicked out of Todd‘s birthday party, Porsha turned her attention to her man, Dennis McKinley, during the Jan. 13 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. As she told her therapist, Porsha realized — via the altercation at Todd’s birthday party — that Dennis had been texting his ex behind Porsha’s back. Porsha revealed that she had cut off communication with other guys as soon as she started dating Dennis, but she didn’t think he had done the same. And she feared she’d eventually lose her identity in their relationship if she kept pretending everything was okay. So after getting some advice from her therapist, Porsha asked Dennis to take some responsibility for what felt he had done.

“You were supposed to cut off people you were talking to, but you didn’t. You were still being friendly,” Porsha told Dennis, but he said, “That’s not true. I was totally innocent. You saw the text messages … That was a very insignificant conversation.” Porsha didn’t feel the same way, though. She told Dennis that he was putting the blame on everyone except himself, and all she wanted was for him to take responsibility for texting his ex when he shouldn’t have been. And eventually he did apologize, but who knows if he really felt remorseful for doing what he did. For Porsha’s sake, we hope he did and does, but only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Cynthia‘s new man, Mike Hill, got put in the hot seat when she allowed Kandi, Marlo, and Eva to ask him anything they wanted to, and nothing was off limits. In fact, Marlo asked him when he was last checked for STDs, while Kandi asked him how he likes to have sex with Cynthia. He said he likes to give it to Cynthia from the back, and that was enough to satisfy Kandi.

Finally, Eva invited all the girls to go on a trip with her to Tokyo and they all seemed thrilled about it. Well, everyone except Porsha, who wasn’t too happy about going with Kandi. At the end of their fight, they basically decided not to be friends anymore, so things will certainly be awkward moving forward.

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