‘RHOC’: Vicki Gunvalson Throws Major Shade At Braunwyn By Renaming Her ‘Boringwyn’

Shannon and Tamra begged Vicki to be less reactive when dealing with Kelly Dodd, but what they probably should have done was tell her to stop dissing people altogether.

Vicki Gunvalson threw major shade at Braunwyn Windham-Burke during the Sept. 10 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, when she renamed the newest cast member “Boringwyn”. It happened after Tamra and Shannon went over to Vicki’s house to school her on how to be less reactive when dealing with Kelly Dodd. Especially because they’re all going to be going to Arizona together. Anyway, when Shannon named everyone that was going, including Braunwyn, Vicki said her name should actually be “Boringwyn”.

“What did you call her?” Tamra asked, to which Vicki said, “Somebody said her name was Boringwyn.” But Tamra was quick to correct Vicki, saying, “No, you just said it.” However, Vicki insisted she was just “repeating” what someone else had said to her. Then, during a private confessional, Tamra said, “Vicki can’t help herself. She loves to talk s*** and then she’s like, ‘What? That’s what I heard.’ This behavior’s gotta stop!”

Later, when a few of the ladies met up with Braunwyn and her mom, Dr. Debb, for a dinner date, Tamra shared what Vicki said. “She has a nickname for you — Boringwyn.” But Braunwyn didn’t seem too upset about it. She just said, “Well, I’m not boring.”

“In the moment, [Vicki]’s very reactive, and instead of saying, ‘Oh, I don’t like the way you look’, or, ‘You’re this,’ she goes below the belt,” Braunwyn said, and she thinks it’s because Vicki is “very insecure”, so she “deflects”.

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