RHOP Star Mia Thornton Reveals She's Dealing With A Cancer Scare: 'This Experience Is Changing Me'

Over the weekend, the Real Housewives of Potomac star Mia Thornton revealed that she’s facing a cancer scare. Sharing a photo of herself from around the time she received the call that would change her life, Thornton opened up about what she’s been dealing with.

“Same time last week, Doc called at 7:31am — Mia I’m so sorry but your test results came back and I need you to go to Johns Hopkins Cancer Center today for further evaluation,” she wrote.

“You can only imagine the overwhelming amount of emotion G and I endured trying to figure out why. However, even with such terrible news, I felt an extreme amount of peace and energy instilled that allowed me to remain strong,” she added. “I’ve been in and out of visits to specialists every day and the storm is not over but this experience is changing me. I am working with a phenomenal team of physicians and I appreciate the outpouring of support. I have not been diagnosed as yet so please keep me in prayer.”


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Thornton, who made her debut in Season 6 of the Bravo hit reality series, is married to Gordon Thornton and they share three children. She was well-liked by viewers who appreciated her ability to not be easily affected by negative comments from cast mates, as well as her openness (including about plastic surgery), and the work she was doing to have a better relationship with her biological mother (she was in the foster care system before being adopted as a child). The TV personality is remaining faithful as she awaits the results of her tests and what’s to come. In the meantime, she’s encouraging other “Kings” and “Queens” to live life in a meaningful way.

“I know God has a plan and I know we are often challenged to remain humbled that tomorrow is not promised and that our days on this earth are numbered,” she wrote. “A message from my heart. A gentle reminder to Live, Love & Forgive as if today was your last.”

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