Richard Osman challenges daughter to create MasterChef dish

Can ANYONE make their food look like a MasterChef dish? Pointless star Richard Osman challenges diners to turn all-you-can-eat buffet meals into culinary art – with hilarious results

  • Pointless star’s daughter created an impresive-looking meal from buffet food
  • Osman put the same challenge to Twitter users – and they quickly got to work 
  • One said the images were so good, they’d ‘changed the way we eat at buffets’ 
  • Nearly 10,000 people have now liked Osman’s snaps, with many saying they’ll have a go at food-styling their own cheap eats next time they’re at a buffet 

A slick of jus here, a puff of foam there…the MasterChef arena encourages culinary art where ‘deconstructed’ dishes often rule. 

At the other end of the gastronomic spectrum is the ‘all you can eat’ buffet, where diners can end up with a variety of different cuisines crashing into each other in a lukewarm mess. 

Television star Richard Osman has caused something of a social media stir this week by marrying the two concepts together – challenging Twitter users to turn buffet food into something that might leave John Torode and Gregg Wallace salivating. 

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A swirl of this, some blobs of that…and hey, presto, you’re cheap eats are transformed! Pointless presenter Richard Osman showed off how his daughter had turned food from an ‘all you can eat’ buffet into a MasterChef style dish

Pickled onions get a makeover…another gathering of food created by the Pointless star’s daughter and her friends; the restaurant manager ended up judging the dishes

Jester: Osman asked Twitter users to think about styling their own food when enjoying cheap eats

Showing off the handiwork of his daughter, who played the MasterChef buffet game with pals, he wrote: ‘A great ‘Taskmaster’ challenge from my daughter and her friends. 

‘At your local ‘all you can eat’ buffet, create the dish that looks most like something you’d see in the ‘Masterchef’ final…’

He then recounted how the friends had been so pleased with their efforts that they asked the buffet manager to judge the dishes. 

Osman wrote: ‘Of course! She would be more delighted than you could know. The manager came over to see what they were doing, so they got him to judge the winner.’ 

The image has been liked nearly 10,000 times, with many saying they now want to have a go at styling their plate next time they’re dining at a buffet.  

@cheval_blanc cooed: ‘I’ll definitely be doing that. I bet you could make a pretty plate from a Harvester salad bar!’

@LexieLou1981 was more than a little familiar with the jape already. She wrote: ‘OMG! My husband and I played this game every night on holiday in the buffet restaurant. Spaghetti nests with the tomato sauce dotted around the outside was my particular fave.’

@BolandHayles was impressed with the artistry, saying: ‘The three dots of orange stuff are a nice touch.’ 

@SheilaMossKing pointed out another MasterChef fad, saying: ‘Basic error: all food should occupy just one half of the plate.’

Others commented on the fact one of the dishes pushed the humble pickled onion into the gastronomic world. @isabelle_trolio wrote: ‘The pickled onion is an underrated palate cleanser.’


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