‘Riverdale’ finally unmasks its villain, The Gargoyle King

Riverdale is a show that operates on outlandish mysteries, but it’s finally unmasked this season’s bad guy, “The Gargoyle King.”

Spoilers below for tonight’s “Riverdale” episode.

The culprit? Tall Boy (Scott McNeil), a former member of Jughead’s (Cole Sprouse) Serpent gang. Tall Boy was previously exiled from the Serpents in Season 2, when it was revealed he was secretly working for nefarious mobster Hiram Lodge (Mark Consuelos.)

Who can forget when super-sleuth Jughead solved this mystery by asking a witness to describe him, “was he…tall?

Tall Boy has been presumed dead ever since. But in a twist, tonight’s episode — “Chapter Forty-Five: The Stranger” — reveals that he’s still kicking, when Jughead unmasks him as the Gargoyle King.

Mystery solved!

Well, not quite. It seems there might be more than one Gargoyle King. Betty’s serial killer dad, Hal, also returns this episode in a “Silence of the Lambs” homage, and he claims that he’s the original Gargoyle King. Betty debunks this statement, but it means that someone else is probably still out there.

Still, for now Jughead’s eternal question has an answer: yes, Jughead, he was tall.

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