‘Riverdale’: [Spoiler]’s Fate Is In Jeopardy & The Black Hood Is Finally Revealed

The May 9 episode of ‘Riverdale’ was downright jaw-dropping. Not only was the identity of the Black Hood finally revealed, a main character’s life was left hanging in the balance.

Okay, let’s start with the Black Hood. The hooded foe attacks Cheryl at Thistlehouse, but she channels her inner Katniss Everdeen and shoots him with an arrow. She manages to hit him in the chest. Cheryl calls Betty to let her know what happened. Betty knows her dad is the Black Hood. She rushes home to try and get her mom out, but Hal’s already home. With Alice’s recorder running, he admits to everything. He learned from a young age that “sinners have to die.”

“Who am I, Betty? Say it. Say who I am,” he seethes. A terrified Betty replies, “You’re the Black Hood.” She breaks down what’s he’s done, including shooting Fred and killing Miss Grundy, Sugarman, Midge, Dr. Masters. But he stresses that the debate was not him. Hal believes that Betty has the same darkness inside her that he has. He thinks she’ll pick up what her father, grandfather, and great-grandfather started. Hal is arrested, and Betty realizes he’s not the only Black Hood. Why? Another man in a black hood attacks Archie and shoots Fred. Thankfully, Fred is wearing a bulletproof vest.

Meanwhile, Penny finally gets her revenge on Jughead. She holds Toni hostage, and Jughead comes running. When he confronts Penny, her Ghoulies are there. But he’s brought backup, too! CHERYL! After saving Toni, Jughead realizes what needs to be done in order to stop the madness with Penny.

Before handing himself over, he calls Betty and Bughead shares the most devastating call. “I just want to let you know that I love you,” he says. “I’ll never stop loving you. I’ll see you soon.” I’m not crying, you’re crying. Jughead walks right into Penny’s lair. One of her Ghoulies provokes him big time. “The only scary thing is what we’re going to do to your girlfriend when we find her,” the guy says. With that, Jughead throws a punch. The rest of Ghoulies crowd around him, punching and kicking him.

“You’re a true hero, Jughead,” Penny tells him. “Let your dying thought be that your sacrifice was for nothing, and that come morning, Riverdale as you know it will cease to exist.” She asks her Ghoulies not to finish him off because she wants her “pound of flesh first.” OH MY GOD.

Later, FP realizes that Jughead is in trouble. He goes to Penny’s hideout and finds Jughead. Riverdale fans, it doesn’t look good. FP walks out of the woods with Jughead’s lifeless body in his arms. Jughead is covered in blood and looks completely unrecognizable. His Serpent tattoo has been cut off his body, thanks to Penny. Is Jughead dead? He’s not, right?! JUSTICE FOR JUGHEAD, PLEASE!

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