Ronnie Ortiz-Magro & Jen Harley: Why Their Friends Are Worried They Will ‘Spiral Out Of Control’ Again

Jen Harley and Ronnie Ortiz-Magro are still going strong …but for how long? After all the drama surrounding this ‘Jersey Shore’ romance, we’ve EXCLUSIVELY learned that their friends don’t think they’ll last.

Despite all the drama, arrests, and on-screen attacks, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, 32, and Jen Harley are still together. She even went so far to call the Jersey Shore star her soulmate, but their friends aren’t buying it. “Nobody believes Ronnie and Jen will go the distance,” a source close to Ronnie EXCLUSIVELY tells, “but everybody’s worried things will spiral out of control before they finally decide they’re over for good.”

“Their relationship has totally crossed over into the realm of co-dependency, and right now there is nothing healthy about it, at all,” the insider tells “Everyone feels on edge when they’re around Ronnie and Jen, and we all walk on eggshells waiting for one of them to go off on the other one. Separately, they are both totally cool and great people, but together they’re nightmares—they’re like oil and water, it’s just a really bad dynamic.”

It’s not hard to see why their friends might feel this way. During the Aug. 30 episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation, Jen went after Ronnie after he visited a lawyer to get briefed about custody rights. Ronnie and Jen have a child, newborn Ariana Sky, together and when Jen learned of what he had done, she spit in his face and physically attacked him! This was in front of the cameras, mind you. Even though fans knew about this fight ever since it happened (back in June 2018, months before it aired) it still was shocking to watch.

The stuff that happens off-screen is even crazier, like that time Jen allegedly dragged Ronnie with her car after a heated argument. This is just the tip of the drama iceberg, and it’s no wonder that friends are pressuring Ronnie to dump Jen in order to get out of the “toxic” relationship. However, Jen thinks that Ronnie should dump Jersey Shore again!

“Honestly the show has been the route to all our problems,” Jen said on Instagram on Oct. 16, after a fan asked if she liked being on the program. When asked if she wanted Ronnie to quit in order to make their relationship “better and peaceful,” she said, “DUH.” She also added that she doesn’t watch the show, and considering the show highlights all the drama between her and Ronnie, no wonder.

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