Royal Experts Predict Who Prince Charles Will Kick Out of the Royal Family Once He's King

With so many reports circulating almost daily that Queen Elizabeth II may soon hand the reigns over to her son, Prince Charles, as the next monarch some are speculating what will happen to the royal family when Charles is king.

It’s no secret that the Prince of Wales is planning to slim down the monarchy when he becomes king and now royal experts are weighing in on who may be in, and out, of the royal fold when Charles ascends the throne. Here’s who things aren’t looking too good for.

Prince Andrew

We’ll start with the obvious which is Prince Andrew.

Following the Duke of York’s disastrous BBC interview, he was left with no choice but to step down from his royal duties. Given that and the fact that Andrew and Charles haven’t really had the best relationship over the years with their feuds and reported jealousy, the possibility of Andrew ever working for the royal family again is slim to none.

Many royals experts agree including deputy editor of Royal Central Brittani Barger, who told the Daily Star Online, “I think it goes without saying that the Duke of York will never be added back as a working royal.”

Prince Edward

Charles’ plan to lessen the number of working royals in the family would also mean excluding his brother, Prince Edward, and the earl’s wife, Sophie.

“I think the Earl and Countess of Wessex (Edward and Sophie) will no longer be working royals under a King Charles,” Barger opined. “I think Charles will want to limit it to himself, his wife, his two children, their spouses, and his grandchildren. It’s more in line with what many European royal houses have done with success.”

According to Charlie Proctor, editor of Royal Central, things also look bleak for some lesser-known royals like the Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, and the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester.

“By the time Charles takes to the throne, most of the royals who aren’t in his immediate family will be approaching retirement,” Proctor said. “The Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra are already in their 80s. The Duke & Duchess of Gloucester are in their 70s. It will be a shame to lose them from the royal circuit, and a lot of charities will need to find new patrons.”

Princess Anne

There may be one person who will be an exception to all this and that is Princess Anne.

“As I’ve said before, a valid argument can be made for keeping Princess Anne as a working royal, and I think it would be wise of Charles to keep his sister on because of the amount of work she does,” Barger explained.

The Princess Royal does do a good amount of work. In fact, she was named the hardest-working royal in 2016, 2017, and 2018 when she attended more royal engagements than anyone else in her family.

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