The Royal Family's Website May Have Confirmed the Baby's Name Thanks to a Major Glitch

The royals are taking their sweet time announcing the name of the newest addition to their squad, but um, in awkward news, it looks like the family website may have beaten them to the punch.

The Daily Mail discovered a massive and very telling glitch on the site. Basically, has pages for each member of the family, which you can find by typing each person’s name after the site URL. That said, typing in Charlotte and George’s names brings up an access denied screen. And the crazy thing? So does typing in

The implication being that the page does in fact exist, but isn’t currently accessible to mere mortals. The other crazy thing? If you try (the other popular contender), you get a Page Not Found screen—meaning that particular page doesn’t exist.

FYI, Albert is one of Prince Harry’s middle names, and is also the name belonging to his and Prince William’s uncle. In other words, it’s a mainstay in the family tree!

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