‘The Royals’ Recap: Liam & Cyrus Get Help From [Spoiler] In Their Quest To Take Down Robert

Watch out, Robert. Liam & Co. are coming for you. Liam, Cyrus, and one very unexpected character work behind the scenes to dethrone Robert. But will it all come together before it’s too late? Read our ‘Royals’ recap now!

The plot to take down Robert thickens on The Royals. Liam and Cyrus have conspiring all along. Remember when Robert banished Cyrus after overhearing the former king’s conversation with Liam? Yeah, Liam and Cyrus planned all of that. Kathryn’s been in on it, too. Kathryn told Liam exactly what Robert said to her the night of the engagement party. “You’ve been right all along,” she says. “I want to help you prove it.” Liam tells her that she has to meet Robert, and they won’t be able to see each other for a while. Once everything is settled, Liam promises he’ll find her. When she goes to Robert and convinces him that she still has feelings for him, she winks at Liam on the way out. Liam beating Cyrus to a bloody pulp was also all part of the plan.

But they’re not alone. Helena figures out what they’re up to, and she’s actually on their side. She’s had her eye on Robert ever since Liam came to her. While Liam and Cyrus have just started working with Aston Lang to take down Robert, Helena and Aston go way back. Now that Helena’s in on the operation, it’s time for the next stage. There’s a high stakes poker game going down soon. Liam goes to Jasper and asks him to find out who in Robert’s stag party truly supports him. Cyrus has dirt on all of them they can use as well.

Meanwhile, Robert advises Willow to be less political in the wake of her controversial words about Martin Kane, the man who orchestrated the blackout with Robert. He basically just wants her to not have an opinion.

Eleanor tries to pull off another Robin Hood stunt, but the press finds her. She thinks that Helena outed her, and when she goes to confront her mother, she finds a half-naked Sebastian! Awkward. Eleanor is super bummed about being outed as Robin Hood. Jasper tells her that this is just the beginning of her journey. She’ll always be his badass princess, though. Swoon.

‘Stay Strong. Stay Silent. Trust No One’

If this plan to dethrone Robert goes according to plan, Liam will be king. Cyrus is understandably jealous. Liam says he’s going to need Cyrus’s guidance when he takes the throne. Cyrus wants to know that he’s not going to be thrown out with the trash when it all happens. Liam promises Cyrus that he’s going to get his respect and dignity back. Later, Robert asks Liam to be his best man. What does Robert have up his sleeve now?

Helena goes to the poker game. She schools most of the men, and the last man standing is Martin Kane. Willow confronts Robert about being blindsided by his secrets and lies. She’s pissed that he didn’t tell her about disbanding Parliament. Robert rudely stresses that they’re not going to be co-kings. She’s just going to be his queen. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Willow says before walking away. Slay, girl!

When Helena gets Martin alone in the palace, she calls him out for working with Robert. He stupidly admits to everything, and then Helena reveals she’s wearing a wire! Jasper lets Liam know that when he’s ready to make his move, the men within Robert’s stag party are with him. When Helena finds out that Sebastian told Robert that Eleanor was Robin Hood, Helena dismisses him. Helena convinces Martin to side with Team Liam. All Liam has to do is pardon Martin and give him a knighthood. “Stay strong. Stay silent. Trust no one,” Helena says.

When Robert and Willow are alone again, he tells her that he’s going to need the ring back. “I’ve made a huge mistake with you,” he says. “Now I’m going to fix it.” But it’s not what you think. He gets down on one knee and re-proposes! “Forgive me and I will never take you for granted,” Robert tells her. Willow is smitten. Ugh.

Liam reveals to Cyrus that his exile has been revoked. While Cyrus should be jumping for joy, he thinks Liam’s being reckless at this point. Robert’s one smart cookie. Jasper finally tells Eleanor what’s happening with Liam and Robert. Eleanor doesn’t believe what Jasper’s saying. She thinks Liam needs to be stopped. But Jasper urges her to reconsider. Eleanor texts Willow and meets her in the tunnels. She questions Robert’s love for Willow. After hearing what Robert told her, Eleanor tells Willow that she can’t marry Robert.

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