Ryan Reynolds Wants A ‘GOTG’/’Deadpool’ Crossover & You’ll Definitely Be Like, "Same"

Spoilers ahead for Infinity War. After Avengers: Infinity War, fans of the MCU have good reason to feel uneasy about seeing another superhero movie. Fortunately, the first post-Infinity War movie to hit theaters didn’t rub all its predecessor’s shocking deaths in everyone’s faces, because it was Deadpool 2, which is in theaters now. Ryan Reynolds’ ribald superhero doesn’t rub elbows with the Infinity War characters, but a recent Twitter exchange between Reynolds and Guardians of the Galaxy creator James Gunn suggested that this all could change, because both Gunn and Reynolds seem to want to make a Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy crossover movie. It actually sounds like it really could happen, too.

It all started on May 27, when Gunn tweeted about seeing — and loving — Deadpool 2. "Cinema’s alive!" he exclaimed before tagging Reynolds, who plays the titular character in both Deadpool movies. All Reynolds had to do was respond with four words to ignite a fanfic frenzy when he tweeted, "Thank you James! Crossover?" The next response consisted of even fewer words, because all Gunn said back was a simple "Yes, please."

Needless to say, the Twitter exchange between Gunn and Reynolds is almost exciting enough to help Marvel fans forget about the fact that about half of the Guardians characters got wiped out by Thanos’ earth-altering finger snap. That doesn’t matter right now, though — you have a whole year to wonder about what will happen to the characters who died in Infinity War. Right now, everyone should just revel in the idea of a Gunn/Reynolds-created crossover event.

Even though Twitter often sparks rumors about celebs’ collaborations, MCU watchers have good reason to take both Gunn and Reynolds’ public correspondence seriously. That’s because both Gunn and Reynolds tend to use Twitter to reveal true facts about their upcoming projects, especially when relating to the MCU.

After Infinity War, Gunn used Twitter to divulge what Groot’s final words were at the end of the movie — it was "Dad," if anyone is curious. Similarly, Gunn used the social media platform to clarify that Baby Groot was not the same character as the first Guardians‘ Groot. If Gunn uses Twitter for such important matters like those, it’s probably safe to assume that the writer/director means what he says on every occasion, including when agreeing to collaborate with Reynolds on a Deadpool/Guardians crossover event.

Even though Infinity War was touted as “the most ambitious crossover event in history” — and later thoroughly memed for it — imagining Deadpool wreaking havoc with the Guardians might take over that title. Can you imagine the level of sarcasm that Deadpool and Rocky would reach together? And as much as Star-Lord and Deadpool might initially compete against each other, they’d probably actually make great friends in the end.

Understandably, MCU fans have jumped at Gunn and Reynolds’ correspondence to geek out over how amazing a crossover event will be. Basically everyone agrees that a combination of Deadpool and Guardians movies would result in the best soundtrack ever made.

While the crossover is still just a Twitter thread at the moment, it’s hard not to get overwhelmed at the prospect of the two hilarious movies joining creative teams. Since Reynolds earned himself a writing credit on Deadpool 2, per Screen Rant, it’s clear that the star who plays the snarkiest superhero has some pull behind the scenes too and he might be able to co-write the Deadpool/Guardians movie with Gunn himself.

OK, fine, it might be too early to figure out who would write a movie that only six words were used to discuss — as far as everyone knows. For now, you’ll just have to use your imagination to imagine what Gunn and Reynolds might come up with and hope they continued their conversation in the DMs where they could get down to business.

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