Ryan & Trista Sutter’s Kids Learned That Their Parents Met On TV & Were SO Confused

More than 20 seasons of The Bachelor later, Colton Underwood’s season premiere got back to the franchise’s roots. On a segment of the live special that aired during the premiere, Trista and Ryan Sutter’s kids learned where their parents met, and it was kind of hilarious that they didn’t realize until now that it was actually on the very first season of The Bachelorette. And, predictably, Twitter is loving the adorable moment.

The Sutter kids — Blakesley and Maxwell — appeared on a part of the premiere that featured all of the kids who were born because their parents met on The Bachelor and its various spinoffs. It’s kind of hard to believe that these shows have been on long enough for a former Bachelorette to have nine and ten year old children (does anyone else feel incredibly, incredibly old?) but they managed to steal the show anyway.

On the topic of meeting and falling in love on TV, daughter Blakesley admitted that she thought it was "pretty cool," while son Maxwell called it "weird," and honestly, isn’t it both of those things? But apparently, The Bachelorette experience doesn’t seem to be discussed in the Sutter household too often, because Maxwell had a surprising reaction to finding out how his mom and dad first met.

"I thought they met in, like, college," he said.

Meeting in college would have been a lot easier to explain to their kids instead of the old "met on a reality show" story, but at least what Trista and Ryan have is unique… and their kids will probably appreciate it someday. And for now? They’re making everyone laugh on Twitter.

A lot of people are loving the fact that Maxwell thought meeting on The Bachelorette was weird (and chances are good that he isn’t the only one who feels that way).

And this one focused on how truly relatable their reaction was to the premiere episode as a whole, because really, these live viewing parties went on forever.

And there were tweets like this one, which pointed out how much their kids look like them (which is totally true) and how adorable Maxwell and his hockey clips were. They could have a future pro player on their hands.

Others were feeling very old after seeing how big Trista and Ryan’s kids had gotten:

And this tweet was a little too real for fans who weren’t in the mood for hot tub clips after the sweet, wholesome Bach kids segment.

As often as The Bachelor franchise is brushed off as silly dating reality shows, seeing Trista and Ryan’s kids — and the other little ones who appeared on the premiere — is a good idea that for some people, rose ceremonies orchestrated by Chris Harrison is a solid way of meeting the love of your life. Think about how many kids exist purely because their parents were able to meet on TV. Maybe Colton will be next?

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