Sagittarius 2022 yearly horoscope: What the free-spirited fire sign can expect from 2022

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The year 2022 is all about freedom, newness, deepening connections and battling any internal struggles, Sagittarius. chatted to Lesley Francis (@lesley.francis on Instagram), a practising astrologer, author and host of the Coloring Outside the Box podcast, to find out the Sagittarius 2022 yearly horoscope. 

Overall Theme of 2022

The year begins with you feeling like you have finally been let out of a cage, Sagittarius.

You’re a free spirit and you’re all about travel, learning and experiencing new things, so this suits you just fine. 

Lesley said: “You are ready to take on the world, you’re energised, enthusiastic and excited, and you are convinced 2022 is going to be extra spectacular. 

“After all, nobody does optimism the way you do.”

Despite the excitement and freedom, something still doesn’t feel quite right.

The astrologer explained: “You aren’t sure whether those disquieting internal rumbles are personal or global. 

“Recognise that, for all the joie de vivre surging through your body, your mind and your heart, there is a part of you that remains wary. 

“During the last couple of years, you developed a deep and abiding sensitivity to the world around you, something that you aren’t quite accustomed to, something that has shifted you and your life into what feels like foreign territory. 

“Usually, new experiences are easy for you. Yet, this change took you by surprise because it knocked you off balance and because it took you outside your usual modus operandi, which is to follow your gut and take the world by storm. 

“Just know that you will make good use of your new connection to the world so, embrace the truth that you are firing on all cylinders because the world needs that now. 

“Plus, you have all the necessary tools to handle any bumps in the road you encounter.”


Expect a lot of flux in relationships this year, Sagittarius.

This requires you to do a lot of listening with heart and mind open and mouth closed, Lesley said. 

She explained: “2022 offers you a tremendous opportunity to know yourself better by taking the time to see the world through the eyes of others. 

“It will deepen your connections and actually create more joy and contentment, rather than being a recipe for somehow trapping you or proving you wrong. 

“This also reveals to you just how much you need being in the world to mean something to you, and that, at your core, a life that is just a series of adventures that don’t illuminate something grander inside you are a waste of your time. 

“You actually need life to have substance and you need to feel you are someone of depth. 

“2022 truly offers you an abundance of opportunities to experience the best in you and others.”

Success and Money

The potential for the unexpected and the truly surprising is off the charts in 2022 when it comes to both success and money for you Sagittarius. 

Lesley said: “This is partly because you are already engaged in an internal struggle about how you feel about them and partly because you don’t feel like you have a clue about your direction in life. 

“Sometimes it feels like you fluctuate from minute to minute, never mind day to day or month to month. 

“The conflict and confusion you feel is connected to a longer term need to redefine the very foundation of your life. 

“It’s difficult to create a path going forward when you don’t even know where you stand. 

“Accept that out of all this fog and fury a new vision will appear once you finish examining what the foundation of your life has been. You can’t change something without being aware of it. 

“Take a long hard look at what you believe and how you came to believe it. And, then, when you least expect it, the aha moments will give the inspiration and the answers you are seeking.”

Pitfalls and Potential Problems

Every part of you from your brain to your body to your heart are likely to be in overdrive in 2022 if you don’t focus your energy, Sagittarius. 

Otherwise, Lesley warned that you will end the year feeling you’ve done a lot of bouncing around while accomplishing little to nothing important to you. 

She said: “Creating a focus doesn’t necessarily translate to something in the tangible world. At least not to begin with. 

“Initially, your focus needs to be internal; sorting out how your values are changing, embracing that change, and celebrating that all this change is leading you to grow in unpredictable but meaningful ways. 

“Remember, no one else is moving the goalposts in your life. Just you.”

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