Sainsbury’s under fire over sexist wording on hair removal product

Small-print sexism! Sainsbury’s is slammed for wording on an own-brand hair removal product that assumes all doctors are MALE

  • Twitter users called out supermarket over advice on a hair removal product
  • Advice told shoppers to ‘consult your usual doctor and show him the packaging’
  • Those who spotted the small-print assumption accused retail goliath of sexism 

Sexist wording on the side of a Sainsbury’s hair removal product is proving that sometimes the devil really is in the detail. 

Hawk-eyed shoppers spotted the blunder on the packaging of the own-brand beauty product from the supermarket giant. 

In medical advice written in the product’s small print, shoppers spotted the suggestion that if the cream is accidentally ingested, one should ‘consult your usual doctor and show him the packaging’. 

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The image posted on Twitter showing the sexist wording on the packaging of a bottle of Sainsbury’s own-brand hair removal product

The supermarket’s apparent assumption that all doctors are male sparked fury amongst Twitter users, with one wondering how such a ‘huge corporation’ could get it so wrong.

The photo was published on Twitter showed white writing on a black background and the ‘small-print sexism’ appeared as the last line. 

After spotting the mistake, @MorganErskine wrote: ‘Woah! Hate it when I refer to my GP and people ask ‘what did he say?’ My response is always: ‘SHE’. Then I tell them what they want to know. #everydaysexism’  

@lizzieguest raged: ‘That’s appalling. How is it so difficult for such a large corporation to think about this?!’

@CaptainHolly clarified: ‘THEM! Show them the packaging!’

@charityretailco penned: ‘Wow. Remind us, what century are we in again? 

@anderbywold added: ‘While agreeing with the point made here,no pronoun necessary, “consult your usual doctor and show the packaging” would be perfectly clear.’   

On Twitter,  Sainsbury’s apologised for the mistake and promised to rectify it as soon as possible, writing: ‘Sorry for this! We’d certainly like to get this corrected! Can you please DM me the barcode of the product?’

MailOnline has contacted the brand for comment.   

@GenderCollect offered to help the supermarket with wording on future packaging, saying: ‘Our approach is to celebrate organisations that are getting it right, who are #smashingstereotypes – and look to help those whom are not!’

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