Samsung Leaks Reveal Multi-Device Charging Station

Despite Samsung’s Unpacked press conference taking place in just a few weeks, one of its more highly anticipated upcoming products has managed to leak to the media.

The product in question, according to The Verge, is a wireless charger that’s capable of charging two Samsung products at the same time. Called the Wireless Charger Duo, it was designed with the idea that the consumer can charge both their smartphone and Galaxy Watch simultaneously. Alternately, it can charge two smartphones at the same time.

Despite supporting both smartphones and the Galaxy Watch, Samsung’s Icon X earbuds don’t support wireless charging. Instead, consumers will have to use another method to charge the earbuds if they own a pair. As of now, little else has been made known about the Wireless Charger Duo’s capabilities and features from the widely popular tech company. It’s also not yet known if this wireless charger will support the upcoming Note 9, which includes a unique 4000 mAh battery that makes charging faster.


It shouldn’t be surprising that Samsung would create their own wireless charger now. After all, Apple announced their AirPower Mat last September— a wireless charger of their own that supports three compatible devices being charged at the same time. Although last month, it was reported by Bloomberg that the Apple was facing issues in ensuring that their pending product didn’t overheat and that its circuit can support upwards of three devices. Like with their competitor Samsung, it’s not yet known when Apple will release the AirPower Mat to the market for purchase.

It’s currently unknown when Samsung will release their wireless charger to the public. But with their Unpacked press conference taking place on Aug. 9, 2018, in New York City’s Barclay Center, it’s speculated by many that the giant tech company will reveal—or at the very least hint—a release date so that consumers know when they pick up their own wireless charger. It would be the perfect addition for those that use exclusively Samsung products as a fast and convenient method to charge everything at the same time.


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