Sarah Drew Is Live-Tweeting ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ & It Will Make You SO Emotional

There are few things sadder than saying goodbye to a beloved TV show character, and fans are not ready for April Kepner to leave Grey’s Anatomy. Her final episode is looming (it’s May 17), and her fate is up in the air. In the penultimate episode she’s injured in an accident and it’s touch-and-go for everyone’s fave ER doctor (sorry not sorry, Owen). But, even if April makes it through Thursday’s episode alive, the actor is still being written off the show. And, Sarah Drew is live-tweeting her final Grey’s Anatomy episodes to let fans in on what she thinks of all this.

On Thursday, May 10 Drew took to Twitter to respond to a plethora of fans’ questions. She dished on her favorite parts of working on the show in general, the hardest scenes to shoot, everything she loves about Jesse Williams’ Jackson (they’re the truest OTP forever), and more. Drew’s been honest with fans through this whole process. She’s been open about how leaving was not her choice, but that she respects this show and the episodes they wrote for April’s exit. It’s hard to know whether or not April will survive her accident, but Drew will move on from this character with a whole fan base eager to see her every next move. And, until then, we have her Twitter that’s dishing all.

Why She’s Leaving

Simple answer, still sad.

She’s Going To Miss The Jackson To Her April So Much

She was asked if she’d miss actor Jesse Williams and that crying emoji says it all.

Who Was The Hardest To Say Goodbye To

Well, OK, I’ll just sob now.

Her Thoughts On This Accident Episode

She didn’t have any say in her exit, but it sounds like she stands by this one.

What She’ll Miss Most About Jesse Williams

They were a great acting team.

The Hardest Scenes She’s Filmed As April

All heartbreaking.

On Whether She Still Sees Her Cast Mates

So at least they’re all still friends.

How She Feels About Arizona And April As Characters

They’re both exiting the show, but at least the actors are in it together.

On Crying During Filming The Finale

Same, though.

How Hard It Is To Play Semi-Dead

It’s not called acting because it’s easy.

How She Would Describe April

There’s no denying that April brought it all 100 percent all the time. And, so did Drew.

She Opened Up About Her Own Faith

A fan asked if Drew is Christian like her character and she answered in the affirmative

The Line From Thursday’s Episode She Loved

It’s when April said, "You prayed for me and it worked!"

More to come…

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