Scientists Are Working To Genetically Create A Spicy Tomato

Scientists are working endlessly to enhance and advance in fields such as medicine, technology, space, and of course, vegetables, yes vegetables!

According to CNet, scientists are working to genetically engineer a spicy tomato. Apart from pizza sauce, used for pasta or ketchup, not many people out there are not the biggest fans of tomatoes, however, perhaps a spicy version will satisfy those palettes.

Considering the nutrients offered from a single tomato is quite beneficial, it’s important we eat this juicy red fruit, or vegetable for those who deny that it is, in fact, a fruit, and researchers are taking strides to spice up your life, literally. A brand new study recently published in the journal Trends in Plant Science suggests that a tomato can be genetically engineered in order to produce capsaicin, which are the molecules that give peppers their heat, claims the source.

In this case, tomatoes would no longer be bland, tasteless or unwanted, as described by far too many tomato haters, however, all that could possibly change. Considering the tomato and the pepper are practically long-lost cousins, there is a suite of a gene found within a tomatoes genome that can produce the capsaicin compound required to make it spicy!

The team behind this very important research suggest that using genetic engineering techniques, they can easily turn the tomato as we know it, into a “biofactory” that would be capable of producing those spicy molecules that we all know and love. This will not only change how people ingest tomatoes, but it will provide an even broader range of health benefits, too! Capsaicin molecules are very high in antioxidants, have antitumor benefits, manage pain and can aid those with weight loss!

In addition to the countless benefits we could get from a spicy tomato, this can easily be achieved considering the tomato is one of the most well-understood plants when it comes to genetic engineering, making it a very possible feat for scientists to achieve. Although questions still remain surrounding the techniques, it appears that with the advancements made in genetic engineering and modifications, that spicy tomatoes could be hitting our grocery stores sooner than expected.

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