Sean Spicer Just Sparked A Civil War Among Reddit’s Trump-Loving Corners By Saying That QAnon Is Fake

The former press secretary addressed the phenomenon known as QAnon.

Sean Spicer just lobbed a grenade into the Trump-supporting factions on Reddit.

On Friday, the former White House Press Secretary paid a visit to the internet’s largest forum supporting Donald Trump, the subreddit known as TheDonald, to pitch his new book. But in his “Ask Me Anything” session, Spicer ended up causing a rift in Reddit’s Trump communities when he declared that the mystic prophecy-spewing entity known as QAnon was not a government insider, but actually a fake.

The comment earned praise for Spicer on TheDonald (where any dissent from Trump is immediately deleted and the user banned), but didn’t go over as well in the other boards that follow the word of QAnon as gospel, leading to some infighting among these groups.

For those who have not gotten up to speed, QAnon is an anonymous poster to the image-sharing boards 4chan and 8chan who shared cryptic passages in the style of Nostradamus painting Donald Trump as a Christian crusader of sorts, working to dismantle the so-called “Deep State” and bust pedophiles.

As Vox noted in a deep dive into the history of QAnon, the movement has shifted from the far fringes of the internet into real life.

“Beginning in early 2018, QAnon adherents made their way to the world outside the internet. In April, QAnon supporters marched in DC. In June, when the Inspector General released its report criticizing the actions of FBI officials like former Director James Comey during the investigation into Clinton’s emails, QAnon insisted there was a second, secret report, which would send virtually every high-level Democrat to Guantanamo Bay if they weren’t already on their way.”

Spicer’s words didn’t exactly go over as well in the GreatAwakening subreddit, where followers of QAnon study his (it’s?) every word and try to decipher what hints the esoteric entity could be dropping. The subreddit is home to the most dedicated followers, the ones who have stayed by QAnon even after a string of failed predictions (he burst onto the 4chan scene by declaring that Hillary Clinton was going to be arrested within days and that massive riots would be staged).

These believers still take QAnon very seriously, and Sean Spicer’s assertion that it’s a fake led to some fighting on Great Awakening. Many pointed to a recent post were QAnon implied that Reddit’s TheDonald board had been “compromised” in some way, while others believed that Spicer’s denial was all part of the plan to keep the plans for Q under wraps.

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